Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Restroom Worth Visiting

Catch a glimpse of "Seen & Noted" in this week's issue of Crain's? The piece features restaurants with bathrooms that deserve a trip to while at the establishment.

Included in the list is Jacky Pluton's Haussmann Brasserie, where simply paying a visit to the W.C. could earn a guest a $100 gift certificate to the restaurant. Instead of listening to music, diners hear Jacky Pluton reading recipes from the menu. Guess the correct recipe, and the gift certificate belongs to you.

It's an easy task if you're bilingual... the recipes are read in French.

Visit Haussmann Brasserie to hear the recipes (and try the food!) at 305 Happ Rd. in Northfield. Call (847) 446-1133 for reservations. To view the Crain's article, press here.

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