Monday, December 22, 2014

Live Entertainment Every Tuesday through Friday at Maxwell's at the Club

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Join Maxwell's at the Club (500 N. Kingsbury St., Chicago, IL; located inside East Bank Club; 312-527-5800) after work and into the evening for a great mix of live entertainment in the bar/lounge. To make your evening even more satisfying, you can order from Maxwell's special bar food menu, filled with freshly prepared appetizers, small plates and flatbreads. If you would like to enjoy a delicious full dinner while sitting in the bar/lounge area, you can order from the regular Maxwell's dinner menu. Maxwell's has a fully-stocked bar with an excellent wine selection, craft beers and flavorful cocktails. So, unwind at Maxwell's at the Club with wonderful live entertainment, every Tuesday through Friday. No membership is required and there is never a cover charge.
Maxwell's live entertainment schedule includes the following: 
Tuesdays: Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun band w border.jpgEnjoy the smooth, groovin' sounds of Chicago's own Midnight Sun as they deliver Motown and R&B favorites from artists such as Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin, and a of host other soulful artists. Focusing on classic rhythm and blues, more contemporary "quiet storm" vocal tunes, plus pop hits and standards, they soothe your soul like few artists can do. Midnight Sun has a polished and poignant sound that makes for a refreshing, toe-tapping evening.
Wednesday: Guitar trio featuring David ChiribogaDavid Chiriboga 330 pixels w border
A formally trained and technically accomplished Flamenco guitarist, David Chiriboga has a fluid and expressive style that captures the spirit and soulfulness of musical styles from Spain and Latin America. He blends the traditional Flamenco music of Spain with the punchy rhythms of South America to create a captivating musical landscape. With the trio's heartfelt strumming, you're sure to have a memorable evening of entertainment at Maxwell's.

Bob Solone w border.jpgThursday: Robert Solone
Master of the eighty-eights, Robert Solone is one of Chicago's most in-demand pianists and piano bar performers who regularly appears as a soloist and accompanist. He also is an accomplished vocalist, skillfully performing a set of richly textured selection of show tunes, pop song, original compositions, classical works, jazz and blues. Don't miss an evening of piano jazz with Bob as you will e enjoying one of Chicago's finest, weaving a colorful tapestry of familiar tunes performed with a master's interpretative touch.
Friday: Ken Haebich, Redd Holt and Friends
Ken Haebich and Redd Holt headshots 330 pixels w border.jpgFriday night in Chicago would not be complete with some great straight-ahead Chicago-style jazz to wind down after a busy week. Ken Haebich, Redd Hold and Friends fill the bill perfectly with thfunky arrangements of jazz, blues and pop classics. The trio features Ken Haebich on bass, Redd Holt on drums and other special guests. Redd was an original member of the Ramsey Lewis Trio and a principal member of the Young-Holt Trio. Ken is a bassist's bassist, a multi-faceted bassist, composer and music educator.
Versatility is the signature of this group. They can move easily from old school jazz to contemporary modal compositions and familiar pop standards. Another way of saying this is that they can play as cool as a calm winter's night or as hot as State Street on an August night. Maxwell's at the Club is proud to be the Friday evening home of these outstanding musicians.  
About Maxwell's at the Club
Open to the public and accommodating to all tastes, Maxwell's at the Club is as perfect for business entertaining as it is as a neighborhood hangout for friends and family. Its ambiance, quality food and very personable service make it a truly hidden gem in Chicago's popular River North area.
Maxwell's at the Club is located in Chicago's East Bank Club (500 N. Kingsbury St., 312-527-5800, Ext. 301). It is open weekdays for lunch 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., and 5:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. for dinner. The bar/lounge area is open 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Maxwell's serves brunch every Sunday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Valet parking is available across the street. For more information, please visit

Friday, December 12, 2014

Great Holiday Shopping. Don't forget HoliDose this Sunday!

Green City Market will be at Dose Market taking place this Sunday at VenueOne, 1034 W. Randolph. Dose Market is a great place to pickup last minute holiday gifts. Green City Market volunteers will be on hand with Green City's new Cookbook, wrapped or unwrapped it's the perfect gift for the foodie in your life!
A Dose to eat, shop, laugh, lounge and gift, it's the biggest Dose yet, showcasing 115 of the finest
makers, bakers artisans, entrepreneurs and, well, us! Cheer alongside our fair city's finest in food, fashion and fun and take home delights for everyone on your list. It's the HoliDose!
December 14th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
1034 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL 60642
eat, shop, laugh, lounge and gift

Tickets are $8 online, $10 at the door, both include free drink ticket for 21+
Kids under 12 always free.  No pups.
Free coat check.
Street and valet parking available. CTA Morgan Street station nearby.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Seniors Join Local Sustainable Movement by Operating Hydroponic Rooftop Garden for Senior Living Community

While many seniors are supportive of the green and sustainability movements that have become mainstream, few have rolled up their shirtsleeves, literally, to transform Residents and Sam KCI_4594_edited-1their views into practical action that makes a difference. One significant and inspiring exception is the community of seniors who live that the Concord Place Retirement & Assisted Living Community in suburban Northlake, Illinois, just west of Chicago (401 W. Lake Street, Northlake Illinois 60164; telephone 708-365-9251).

There, the residents have designed and maintain what they call their Harvest Rooftop Garden. This hydroponic garden is a collaborative effort between the residents and Concord Place's production manager, Samantha Lewerenz, who was integral in getting the system up and running to its full potential. She trained the residents in how to plant and harvest their bounty, and how to increase production.

The Garden was installed in the spring of 2014. David Friedman, whose company, F&F Realty, owns and operates Concord Place, is very passionate about the sustainability movement and using local food sources. He hired a gardening consulting firm, Topiarius, to transform the existing rooftop greenhouse, which grew flowers the traditional way, into a modern hydroponic growing facility. It was an exciting undertaking.
Hydroponic Graden KCI_4510"The Rooftop Hydroponic Garden has become a place that is easily accessible for the residents and encourages them to learn, grow, share knowledge and enjoy the harvest," said Friedman. "It has given many of our seniors a sense of purpose. They are able to grow their own food which is used in Concord Place's kitchen. They are actually taking part in feeding their own community, while learning about local food sources and sustainability."

The community grows a variety of sustainable fruits, vegetables and herbs in the garden. Among them are parsley, oregano, cilantro, thyme, mint, parsley, dill, fennel, basil and a variety of lettuces, including a gourmet blend. They also are experimenting with Swiss chard, sugar snap peas and microgreens. Approximately 30 pounds of lettuce are harvested at a time, along with a few pounds of herbs. Some of the produce is used in the living facility and some is shared with local restaurants.

"We wanted to make sure that we didn't waste any surplus produce," said Friedman, "so we arranged for Resident and Chef KCI_4623 copythe surplus to be used by our company's restaurants." Currently Concord Place is sharing its bounty with seven restaurants. Among them is Glen Prairie in Glen Ellyn, Illinois which prides itself on its local initiatives. Other restaurants using the produce are Dine Restaurant and Metro Klub in Chicago; Chicago Fire Oven in Rosemont, Illinois; Karma Asian Cuisine & Fine Wine and Karma Pub in Mundelein, Illinois; and Birch River Grill in Arlington Heights, Illinois, all of which are committed to using local ingredients.

An efficient system that requires everyone to learn new ways of gardening
While hydroponic gardening is very efficient-its uses 90 percent less water than a traditional garden because the water is recirculated-it is quite a different process than traditional gardening, and there is a definite learning curve. But after several months of learning and refining the system, the hydroponic garden is becoming stable and surprisingly productive.

Greenhouse Garden KCI_4638Hydroponic garden involves several steps. First, plant seeds are inserted into seed starter trays on the propagation table, where they are carefully watered. After they spend from one to three weeks there, the young plants are moved to a second table, where they spend another two weeks to develop a root system. Then they are moved to the hydroponic medium containing the necessary nutrients to enable them to grow to maturity. The system includes a simple gutter circulation system which allows the water be retained and recirculated throughout the garden. "In some ways, this is easier than traditional gardening," said Lewerenz. "But since it's a new way of doing things, there are many aspects of the process that need to be learned."

For example, the gardeners have learned that they must maintain a good pH balance in the water for the Chef Sam and resident KCI_4629 copyplants to do well. They also try to keep the temperature of the garden, which is inside a greenhouse environment, as controlled as possible. But given that the air temperature outside changes with the seasons, they have learned that the inside temperature does vary. They have discovered that summer vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, do better in the summer, while cooler weather crops, such as peas, are better grown during the colder months. The herbs tend to do well throughout the year, which is a bonus for the residents and the chefs in the Concord Place kitchen. In keeping with the accessibility needs of the more elderly residents, all tables in the garden are tall so that residents don't have to bend over to do their gardening work.

Harvest KCI_4563"We are still expanding the garden and haven't reached full capacity yet," said Lewerenz. "We are experimenting with other specialty greens and edible flowers such as violas and nasturtium, which has an edible, peppery-tasting flower. We also have a Dutch bucket system in which we are growing tomatoes and cucumbers. We are using as many natural and organic methods as possible to produce the best nutrient-rich products. Hydroponic gardening systems use up to 90 percent less water than traditional irrigation systems; the system recirculates the water. We are hoping to incorporate a compost system and we may be able to install some raised beds on the roof area outside the hydroponic garden."

The residents are interacting and learning about new flavors and tastes
The residents of Concord Place have been very involved with the Hydroponic Garden. There has been a
Residents with Dave KCI_4601 copy core group of residents who have spearheaded the daily gardening activity-seeding, maintaining and harvesting. They also help make decisions as to what to grow.

The residents can come and go as they please to care for the garden, and when families come to visit they can join in. Reactions have been very positive. One resident said, "So much work goes into getting those little seeds into those pots. But then you see what comes," said resident Louise "Wheezy" Dellert.  A growing number of residents are becoming involved with the garden and, of course, they like to share a nibble or two while they're working. Some residents even help move the process along by growing plants in their apartments. The facility's chefs stop by to pick what they need for the day's menus.

Resident Louise Dellert KCI_4619 copy"It has been great to bring the residents together through a food based program," said Lewerenz. "This is a very good way to interact, and the residents are learning to try new things and enjoy new flavors. We plan to work closer with the residents to get them more involved, providing them with educational opportunities and helping to facilitate more community relationships within the residential community. There are many hydroponic gardens being set up in the area, but none in a retirement community that involves and benefits the community like this one. We're really proud of what we've been able to accomplish so far. We hope to provide many of the greens used at Concord's kitchen. It doesn't get any more local than that!"

About Concord Place Retirement & Assisted Living Community

Conveniently located at 401 W. Lake Street in Northlake, Illinois 60164. Concord Place Retirement & Assisted Living Community offers an exceptional and affordable retirement living, supportive living and assisted living community in and around the Chicago area.
At Concord Place Retirement & Assisted Living Community residents take part in a wide variety of social, educational, and recreational activities. Life is always exciting! There is always something to do, someone new to meet, or someplace to go. Take part in daily events, trips and a variety of special activities. The fine, restaurant-style dining offers a very wide variety of menu options prepared daily by a gourmet chef. The restaurant is open all day so that residents are served based on their own schedule. At Concord Place, they not only feed the soul of their residents, but their body as well.
For more information about Concord Place Retirement & Assisted Living Community, please contact them at (708) 365-9251 or visit their website at

Photo credit: Cindy Kurman, Kurman Communications, Inc.

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Chef Paul Choi KCI_4626_captionedChef KCI_4654
Dine team KCI_4606_edited-1Samantha Lewerenz KCI_4537 v1

Monday, December 1, 2014

Tomorrow Marks #GivingTuesday. Contribute to Green City Market

#GivingTuesday kicks off tomorrow and it’s a perfect time to bring awareness to donations needed to sustain Green City Market. Why is Green City Market unique in its needs to raise funds?
 “It’s expensive to run Green City Market,” says Sarah Stegner, co-president of the board. "We understand that a lot of customers think that shopping at Green City Market supports the market’s operations. It doesn't."
Green City Market’s greatest challenge is balancing the growing expenses of running an outdoor
market while keeping its farm fees as low as possible. Green City Market's booth fees are among the lowest in Chicago by $10-$20 per market. However these fees cover just 14% of its expenses to run an outdoor market, with its top expenditures being mulch to keep our shoppers and vendors dry in inclement weather, park district fees, and the required outdoor restrooms.Because of the difference in Green City Market’s costs to operate Chicago’s first year-round farmers market and keeping its farmers' fees intentionally low, Green City Market must rely on the support of generous individuals to help cover this difference.

Green City Market asks you to please consider making a tax deductible donation to our 501 (c) 3 charitable organization to help cover the gap between its costs to run the market and its intentionally low farmers' fees. By giving to Green City Market, you are impacting the Chicago community by supporting the belief that good food is a right, not a privilege.

All donations greater than $50 receive a free tote bag!
This year’s new effort to raise money through the sale of the Green City Market Cookbook provides an added income stream to help supplement the cost of running the market. The cookbook makes a perfect holiday gift and those who purchase the book can feel a personal reward as they are helping support the market’s bottom line. This year’s #GivingTuesday dollars can go even further as Green City Market has a $20k matching gift for our Edible Gardens program. Green City Market will create donation cards if anyone wants to give a gift to a Market fan. Additionally, Green City Market offers sponsorship opportunities to support programs such as Chef Demonstrations, the Green City Market Chefs Barbecue, Eat Local campaign and Club Sprout activities.

Green City Market is honored to be among the thousands of businesses to join the national #GivingTuesday movement to encourage spending with a purpose.  #GivingTuesday is the first of its kind effort to harness the collective power of a unique blend of partners - charities, families, businesses and individuals – to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season. Coinciding with the holiday shopping season, #GivingTuesday inspires people to take collaborative action which will improve their local communities, give back in better, smarter ways to the charities and causes they support and help create a better world.

Contributions may be made by visiting:

Donate today!
"Good food is a right, not a privilege." ~Alice Waters

Here is how your donation helps Green City Market. If you give…
$30 you have provided our daily match for 2 Illinois Link card holders.
$50 you have bought 2 weeks of produce for the Club Sprouts program.
$100 you have supported the cost of our compost program for a single market.
$250 you have purchased chef demo supplies for a month.
$500 you have paid for mulch expenses for one market.
$1000 you have provided scholarships for 2 of our farmers.
$2000 you have covered our per market difference between operating costs

Thursday, November 13, 2014

ThinKArt Event: The Art of Intervention Diplomacy and Deployment after Iraq This Friday

ThinKArt invites you to 
The Art of Intervention: Diplomacy
and Deployment after Iraq
Dominique de Villepin
Former Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of France

Friday, November 14
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 
Doors open: 4:30 p.m.
Mandel Hall, 1131 E 57th St
Free and open to the public


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Michelin Announces Chicago's 2015 Star Ratings; Grace joins Alinea with Three Stars; 42 grams Earns 2 Stars

Michelin announced its Chicago 2015 star ratings this afternoon. Congratulations to  Grace (652 West Randolph Street, Chicago) which now has three stars, joining Alinea in Michelin's elite group of  highest rated restaurants here. Alinea has held the honor for five straight years (ever since Michelin started rating Chicago restaurants.)

Of note, only 115 restaurants of the more than 20,000 that Michelin rates in 23 countries currently have that distinction.

Also noteable, 18-seat BYOB Uptown restaurant 42 Grams (4662 N. Broadway, Chicago), earned two stars for its creative and inventive food.

L2O, which is closing at the end of the year, also maintained its two stars rating since the guide went to press before they announced their closing. 

Last week, Michelin announced its Bib Gourmand winners for Chicago. The winners can be found here:

Here’s Michelin Guide's full list of 2015 starred selections for Chicago. If you were rating, how would you vote?

Three Stars:
• Alinea
• Grace (upgraded)
Two Stars:
• 42 grams (new)
• L2O (closing later in 2014)
• Sixteen
One Star:
• Acadia
• Blackbird
• Boka
• EL Ideas
• Elizabeth
• Everest
• Goosefoot
• The Lobby
• Longman & Eagle
• Moto
• North Pond
• Schwa
• Senza
• Sepia
• Spiagga
• Takashi
• Topolobampo
• Tru

Monday, November 10, 2014

American Food Roots launches video series on the food of World War I just in time for Veterans Day

American Food Roots Video

"Meatless Mondays" were not invented by hippies. Soybean croquettes were not the brainchild of the vegan movement. And maple syrup was promoted as an "alternative" sweetener long before the war against high-fructose corn syrup. All of these items, in fact, can trace part of their heritage to World War I.

American Food Roots launches a video series tomorrow profiling the food of World War I and the lasting
Food is ammunitionimpact it’s had on American culture. Beginning on Veterans Day 2014, the series will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Great War with the help of three nationally recognized historians who unpack the story of the way we eat today.

"What’s surprising in this material are the number of foods and nutritional concepts that we think of as contemporary," says American Food Roots’ managing editor Bonny Wolf, who moderates the conversation. "In fact, many of our current culinary habits can trace their beginnings to this seminal event 100 years ago."

 "A World War I Meal From Soup to Nuts," the first in the five-part series, introduces the idea that America began fighting the war from its kitchens long before its soldiers reached Europe. The "First Course" video profiles the rise of peanut butter as a meat substitute -- driven in part by Southern farmers who were transitioning from cotton -- and a high-falutin’ ingredient called "mayonnaise." In the remaining three videos, soybeans are fashioned into croquettes and braised tongue tells an early nose-to-tail story. Dessert is all maple syrup, which bolsters barley flour and buckwheat in a cake that will please today’s health-conscious bakers.

The American Food Roots series will become part of "War Fare," a digital exhibit hosted by the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Mo.

American Food Roots is an award-winning online magazine that covers American food and culture. AFR took two prizes in the Association of Food Journalists 2014 Awards, including in the "Best Food Blog" category. It was founded in December 2012 by four veteran journalists and is run by NPR commentator and food writer Bonny Wolf and Associated Press food writer Michele Kayal.

"Why dig up the roots of American food?" AFR’s mission statement asks. "Because that’s how we know who we are."

Video Participants

Bonny Wolf is a long-time journalist who contributes regular food commentary for NPR’s Weekend Edition. She was chief speechwriter for two U.S. secretaries of agriculture and is managing editor of American Food Roots.

Julia Irwin, who teaches at the University of South Florida, is a historian of American foreign relations and has recently published a book on the American Red Cross and the development of U.S. humanitarianism abroad during WWI.

Helen Veit, who teaches at Michigan State University, is a historian of the 19th- and 20th-century United States, with a focus on food.  Her book "Food in the Civil War Era" was published in May. She also is considered an expert on WWI food.

Amanda Moniz is a historian of 18th-century humanitarianism and a former pastry chef. She teaches historic cooking classes, writes about history through food and is assistant director of the National History Center.

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American Food Roots
War Bread
Makes 2 loaves
During World War I, white flour was thought to be the purest, healthiest flour and so was saved for the War Bread 300troops. Many breads of the era used "thirded" recipes, recipes that included three different types of grain -- a throwback to Boston brown bread. The original version of this recipe calls for 1 cake of yeast and for the bread to be baked in "moderately hot oven." We have done the conversions for you. This recipe was adapted from "Foods That Will Win the War and How to Cook Them," by C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss.

•2 cups boiling water
•2 tablespoons sugar
•2 tablespoons fat
•1½ teaspoons salt
•¼ cup lukewarm water
•6 1/2 teaspoons dry yeast
•6 cups rye flour
•1½ cups whole wheat flour

Pour the boiling water into a large bowl and add the sugar, fat and salt. Put the bowl aside to cool.
Meanwhile, dissolve the yeast in the 1/4 cup of lukewarm water. When the boiled water cools enough to keep a finger in it for a few seconds, add the dissolved yeast. Add the rye and whole wheat flour.
Cover and let rise until twice its bulk, shape into loaves; let rise until double and bake about 40 minutes, in a 350-degree oven.

 Copyright © 2014 American Food Roots

Salmon Loaf
Makes 1 loaf
Fish was seen as a plentiful and economic alternative to meat. (In fact, even chicken was considered a Paprykarz_salmon300meat alternative.) Recipes of the World War I era also assumed a certain amount of cooking skill. The original directions for this recipe, adapted from "Foods That Will Win the War and How to Cook Them," by C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss, simply said "Mix thoroughly. Bake in greased dish 30 minutes." We have offered a bit more help.

•2 cups cooked salmon
•1 cup grated breadcrumbs
•2 beaten eggs
•½ cup milk
•½ teaspoon paprika
•½ teaspoon salt
•1 tablespoon chopped parsley
•1 teaspoonful onion juice

Preheat the oven to 350 F.
Grease an 8 1/2-by-4-inch loaf pan.
In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients until well combined. Form the mixture into a log and place it in the greased loaf pan. Bake until cooked through, about 1 hour or until firm.

Copyright © 2014 American Food Roots
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Redhead Piano Bar Hosts 3rd Annual Cabernet for a Cause Wednesday, Nov. 19

The Redhead Piano Bar (16 W. Ontario) is excited to host its Third Annual Cabernet for a Cause,
6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., Wednesday, November 19 to benefit the Lynn Sage Foundation. Enjoy over a dozen wonderful cabinets, snacks, fun and great company for a $20 donation. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Lynn Sage Foundation for local Breast Cancer Research.

Reservations are not necessary but may be made by emailing or by calling 312-640-1000. Business casual attire is required.

Green City Market Junior Board Online Auction Now Live

The  Green  City  Market  Junior  Board  is hosting an  online  auction packed  with  exciting,  one-of-a-kind  experiences  for  Chicago  food  and  drink  lovers.

This  year,  the  auction  features coveted  items  such  as A  Glittering  Night  at  the  James  Beard  Awards:  VIP  treatment  at  the  "Oscars  of  Food,"  plus  dinner  at  Beard  Award-winning  Frontera  Grill,  or  Stock  Your  Home  Bar  with  Your
Own  Mixology  Class:  Charcoal  Bar's  Danielle  Pizzutillo  conducts  a  private  mixology  course  for  6  –bottles  included.

The  online  auction  can  be  found  at and  will  end  on  Sunday,  November  16th at  6  pm.

The  online  auction  items  include:
• A  Glittering  Night  at  The  James  Beard  Awards
• Brewer  for  a  Day  +  Dinner  in  Pilsen
• Butchering  Class  and  Dinner  in  Wicker  Park
• Distilling  and  Brewery  Tours  Around  Lake  Michigan
• Do  Ravinia  Right:  Music  &  Picnic  Under  the  Stars
• Exclusive  Rooftop  Dinner  for  6  at  Lightology
• Pies  +  Beer  +  Live  Music=  Epic  Summer  Fun
• Private  Wood-¬-Fired  Dinner  for  12
• StockYour  Home  Bar  with  Your  Own  Mixology  Class

The auction is being held in conjunction with the Green City Market Junior Board’s Thursday,  November  13 local  and  seasonal  fall  fundraiser,

A  (Mostly)  Veggie  Affair:  Cheat  on  Meat  or  Go  Whole  Beast!
at  Wicker  Park’s  Chop  Shop  &  The  1st  Ward  (2033  W.  North  Ave.)  from  7 p.m. to  10 p.m.  Throughout  the  evening,  guests  will  enjoy  a  walk-around  stationed  tasting  featuring  local  chefs’  all-vegetable  dishes  made  with  Green  City  Market vendor  produce.  Complementing the array of  delicious
vegetarian  fare,  Junior  Board  member  chefs  Jared  Batson,  Scott Manley  and  Eric  Mansavage  also  will prepare  three  whole  pigs  “Three  Little  Pig-¬-style,”  incorporating  straw,  wood  and  bricks  both  in  their  cooking  methods  and  for  creative  inspiration.  With  all  the  great  local  food  on  offer,  attendees  will  be  able  to
Cheat  on  Meat  or  Go  Whole  Beast!

Tickets  are  on  sale  now  for  $55 at
Proceeds  from  both  the  event  and  the  online  auction  will  benefit  Green  City  Market’s  LINK  Card  matching  program,  Illinois'  food  assistance  program  that  enables  families  to  purchase  wholesome  local  and  seasonal  food  from  the  farmers’ market.

Green City Market
Green City Market is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to improve the availability of a diverse range of high-quality foods by providing a marketplace for purchasing sustainably grown food and to educate, promote, and connect farmers and local producers directly to chefs, restaurateurs, and the greater Chicago community. Green City Market, Chicago’s only year-round sustainable farmers market, operates May-October at the south end of Lincoln Park, 7am-1pm, every Wednesday and Saturday and in the Fulton Market District at 222 North Halsted Saturdays from 7am-1pm. The Market moves indoors to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum November-April. For more information, visit or call (773) 880-1266.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Karma Asian Food and Fine Wine and Karma Pub Serving Roasted Chicken Asian Style Succotash and Fresh Shaved Prosciutto Flatbread Now Through November 6

Mundelein, IL -  Karma Asian Food & Fine Wine (510 East Route 83, Mundelein, IL; 847-970-ROASTED CHICKEN  20 3006900) has added a savory Roasted Chicken with an Asian-style Succotash ($20) to its menu this w eek. This delicious fall special gives succotash an Asian twist using a unique blend of edamame, corn, peppers, bok choy, sticky rice, and sweet chili lime and is available until next Thursday, November 6.

Also, Karma Pub is  featuring its fresh shaved prosciutto flatbread ($12) this week. Crisp and thin, the flatbread special features a combination of freshly shaved prosciutto, Mozzarella, tomato, pesto, Parmesan, and Arugula. 

Proscuitto Mozzarella Tomato Pesto Parmesan Arugula Flatbread 12_300
Karma and Karma P ub allow guests to order from each other's menu. The result is that guests can have the best of two worlds-a choice of food and a choice of atmosphere. Both restaurants focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and purchase from local sources as much as possible. 

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Holiday Gift Shopping Early ... Get Ready for Lycée Français de Chicago Fall French Market Nov. 7-9

Get ready. Lycée Français de Chicago Fall invites all Chicagoans to indulge in a true French marchéth annual Fall French Market (550 W. Irving Park at Lake Shore Drive) with cooking demonstrations from Chicago-area chefs, specialty and artisan goods from more than 75 vendors, an anniversary cake cutting, and supervised activities for children.
experience Nov. 7 to 9. The Lycée Français de Chicago is celebrating its 10

Opening with a special preview party 7 p.m. Friday, November 7 attendees will be the first to peruse the goods from participating vendors, while enjoying appetizers, beverages and live music followed by a cake cutting ceremony marking  its 10-year anniversary as well as the 10th anniversary of the Fall French Market. The benefit party tickets are $35 in advance and $45 at the door.

The Fall French Market offers Chicagoans a quintessential French marché experience filled with French cooking demonstrations, gourmet fare, artisan goods, a farmer’s market, brocante (antique market), activities for kids, and much more,” said Julie Bargowski, Lycée Français de Chicago parent and this year’s Fall French Market Chair. It’s the perfect occasion to start your holiday shopping and enjoy the finest French food and goods Chicago has to offer.”

On Saturday, Nov. 8, and Sunday, Nov. 9, join top local chefs and proprietors from Bistrot Zinc, Chez Moi, Cook au Vin, The Chopping Block, Metropolis Coffee, Patisserie Coralie, Saveur Cuisine, Spacca Napoli Pizzeria, and Troquet River North for cooking demonstrations, including heavenly pastries and exquisite gourmet French cuisine.

Fall Market chef demonstration schedule includes:

Saturday, November 8:
10:30 a.m.: Tim Kirker, Bistrot Zinc
11:30 a.m.: Shelley Young, The Chopping Block
12:30 p.m.: Shelley Young, The Chopping Block
1:30 p.m.: Tim Davison, Troquet River North
2:30 p.m.: Nathalie Ribon-Tourre, Saveur Cuisine

Sunday, November 9:
11:30 a.m.: Justin Doggett. Metropolis Coffee
12:30 p.m.: Vincet Colombet, Cook au Vin
1:30 p.m.: Jonathan Goldsmith, Spacca Napoli Pizzeria
2:30 p.m.: Manuel Bouillet, Patisserie Coralie
Attendees will be able to browse a unique selection of goods from local vendors, including specialty foods, art, clothing, accessories, home decor, antiques, and more. In addition, The Children’s Pavilion has activities ranging from soccer, yoga, karate, and theater and art workshops.

Daily admission for the Fall French Market is $5 per person for adults and children admission is complimentary.

Tickets for the Lycée Français de Chicago Fall French Market are available for purchase at discounted rates in advance through Thursday, November 6 at

All proceeds from the Fall French Market are dedicated to supporting student programs and resources at Lycée Français de Chicago, as well as financial aid and extracurricular opportunities.
For additional information on the Fall French Market visit

For a complete list of vendors, visit:

Bon appétit!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Compassion, Fashion & Cocktails 2014: Benefit supporting Stop Traffick & Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology Oct. 30

Immerse  yourself  in  culinary  delight  and  artistic  flair  and  join  affluent  professionals,   entrepreneurs,  media,  sports  and  entertainment  personas  for  Compassion,  Fashion  &  Cocktails  2014,  a  charity  event  celebrating  fashion  and  philanthropy  that  will  raise  money  and  awareness  for  the  charities  Stop  Traffick,  "Supporting  victims  of  human  trafficking",  and  Gaples  Institute  for  Integrative  Cardiology,  "Advancing  Natural  Options  for  Optimal Health".  Not  only  will  you  get  to  mingle  with  the  who’s  who  of  Chicago,  but  you  will  also get  to  enjoy  great  cocktails  and  a  fashion  show.  

The  event  is  being  held  on  Thursday,  October  30th,  2014,  at  The  Godfrey  Hotel  Chicago    |  I|O  Urban  Roofscape,  127 W.  Huron  St.  at  LaSalle  St.,  Chicago,  IL.  There  will  be  a  private  cocktail  reception  from  5:30 -7:30 p.m.  hosted  by  Svedka,  followed  by  the  runway  fashion  show,  by  Eskell,  at  8 p.m.

Light  hors  d’oeuvres  will  be  provided  throughout  the  event,  there  will  be  a
silent  auction,  a  raffle,  and  gift  bags  will  be  distributed  to  the  first  100  guests  to  arrive.
Tickets  may  also  be  purchased  at  the  door  on  the  night  of  the  event  for  $65,  you
may  obtain  a  VIP  Patron  ticketfor  $100,  which  entitles  you  to  a  special  gift  bag  and  five  raffle  tickets.  To  reserve  your  tickets  in  advance,  please  go  to

The benefit is brought  to  you  by:  Moxie  Strategies,  LLC  (Vanessa  Garippo,  Lema  Khorshid,  Anna  Maria  Viti-­Welch,  and  Sam  Yanover)

For more information visit: Facebook:

Handles:  #CompassionFashionCocktails and  #MoxieStrategiesLLC

About  Gaples  Institute  For  Integrative  Cardiology:  
The  Gaples  institute  for  integrative  cardiology  is  an  educational  nonprofit  working  to  improve  the  health  of  all  Americans  by  emphasizing  the  role  of  nutrition  and  lifestyle-combined  with  the  best  in  conventional  medicine.  Innovative  educational  program  are  conducted  across  the  country, from  presentations  to  mothers  of  children  in  head  start  to  workshops  for  physicians  that  combine  nutrition  education  with  hands  on  cooking  instruction.  Our  vision  is  to  make  nutrition  a  cornerstone  of  health  care.

About  Stop  Traffick:  
Stop  Traffick  is  a  Chicago-­based,  grassroots  effort  to  raise  funds  for  victims  of  human  trafficking  and  to  spread  awareness  about  this  critical  human  rights  issue.

About  Fuksa  Khorshid,  LLC:  
Fuksa  Khorshid,  LLC  is  a  boutique  law  firm  specializing  in  servicing  the  needs  of  a  wide  range  of  small  to  mid-­sized  businesses.  Because  the  firm’s  attorneys
have  amassed  extensive  professional  business  experience,  they  are  perfectly  situated  to  provide  their  clients  with
practical  legal  advice  while  concurrently  addressing  their  pressing  business  concerns.

Lema  Khorshid
fashion  and  philanthropy  supporting
Traffick  and  Gaples  
Institute  for  Integrative  Cardiology
Chicago,  IL  
Immerse  yourself  in  culinary  delight  and  artistic  flair  and  join  affluent  professionals,  
entrepreneurs,  media,  sports  and  entertainment  personas  for  Compassion,  Fashion  &  Cocktails  
14,  a  charity  event  celebrating  fashion  and  philanthropy  that  will  raise  money  and  awareness  
for  the  charities  Stop  Traffick,  "Supporting  victims  of  human  trafficking",  and  Gaples  Institute  for  
Integrative  Cardiology,  "Advancing  Natural  Options  for  Optimal
Health".  Not  only  will  you  get  to  
mingle  with  the  who’s  who  of  Chicago,  but  you  will  also  get  to  enjoy  great  cocktails  and  a  
fashion  show.    
The  event  is  being  held  on  Thursday,  October  30th,  2014,  at  The  Godfrey  Hotel  Chicago    |  I|O  
Urban  Roofscape,  127
W.  Huron  St.  at  LaSalle  St.,  Chicago,  IL.  There  will  be  a  private  cocktail  
reception  from  5:30
7:30pm  hosted  by  Svedka,  followed  by  the  runway  fashion  show,  by  Eskell,  
at  8:00pm.  Light  hors  d’oeuvres  will  be  provided  throughout  the  event,  there  will  be  a  
auction,  a  raffle,  and  gift  bags  will  be  distributed  to  the  first  100  guests  to  arrive.  
To  attend,  you  may  purchase  tickets  in  advance  (prior  to  10/27)  for  just  $40.  Tickets  may  also  
be  purchased  at  the  door  
on  the  night  of  the  event  for  $65
,  you  
may  obtain  a  VIP  Patron  ticket
for  $100
,  which  entitles  you  to  a  special  gift  bag  and  five  raffle  tickets.  To  reserve  your  tickets  in  
advance,  please  go  to
Brought  to  you  by:  Moxie  Strategies,  LLC  (Vanessa  Garippo,  Lem
a  Khorshid,  Anna  Maria  Viti
h,  and  Sam  Yanover)
About  Gaples  Institute  For  Integrative  Cardiology:  
The  Gaples  institute  for  integrative  cardiology  is  an  educational  nonprofit  working  to  improve  the  
health  of  
all  Americans  by  emphasizing  the  role  of  nutrition  and  lifestyle
combined  with  the  best  
in  conventional  medicine.  Innovative  educational  program  are  conducted  across  the  country,  
from  presentations  to  mothers  of  children  in  head  start  to  workshops  for  phys
icians  that  combine  
nutrition  education  with  hands  on  cooking  instruction.  Our  vision  is  to  make  nutrition  a  
cornerstone  of  health  care.
About  Stop  Traffick:  
Stop  Traffick  is  a  Chicago
based,  grassroots  effort  to  raise  funds  for  victims  of  human  traffick
and  to  spread  awareness  about  this  critical  human  rights  issue.
About  Fuksa  Khorshid,  LLC:  
Fuksa  Khorshid,  LLC  is  a  boutique  law  firm  specializing  in  servicing  the  needs  of  a  wide  range  
of  small  to  mid
sized  businesses.  Because  the  firm’s  attorneys  
have  amassed  extensive  
professional  business  experience,  they  are  perfectly  situated  to  provide  their  clients  with  
practical  legal  advice  while  concurrently  addressing  their  pressing  business  concerns.