Monday, April 6, 2009

"Air Yeezy, Beyond the Hype": Nike’s new Kanye West signature sneaker goes viral

Chicago based film director Davy Greenberg has captured a major fashion milestone on camera with a new video that has going viral, big time. Greenberg, a young film director who is plugged into Chicago’s dynamic fashion and hip hop scenes, was already in the know about the forthcoming shoes and decided to film the launch as a documentary on a pop culture phenomenon and a tribute to Kanye West. “I wanted to do a video that’s relevant to today’s hip hop scene. I knew that that these new shoes would be a really big deal. Kanye West has now become the first non-athlete to have his own original design signature Nike shoes. People have been camping out for a week to be the ones to get this limited production run.”

Greenberg filmed, edited and directed the video, "Air Yeezy, Beyond the Hype", which was posted on on Sunday, April 5. According to Greenberg, the video has already gained 30,000 hits and this number is increasing by 1,000 hits per hour. Greenberg teamed up with local hip hop music producers Lewis Walker and Q-Beans, who produced the soundtrack.

The Kanye West shoes, gray shoes with fuchsia and orange highlights, are already a collector’s item. Only about 220 pairs, in total, were available in six Chicago stores: Niketown, House of Hoops, Succezz, Leaders 1354, Saint Alfred, Self Conscious. This is a one-time run. No additional pairs in this color will be available. A different color will be offered in May and another in June. The shoes' list price is $215, but they are already being re-sold on for at least $1,200.

Photo caption: Davy Greenberg (left), independent film director, captures big milestone in fashion and hiphop culture with viral video

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