Friday, November 6, 2009

The New Colony's "Calls to Blood" Extends Performance Schedule through Nov. 28

The New Colony's "Calls to Blood" extended performance schedule to run through Nov. 28 after moving the production to the much larger cabaret space of the Royal George Theatre, which they moved to on Oct. 29 to accommodate the over whelming demand for tickets. The show premiered Oct. 12 and runs at 8 p.m. Thursdays - Saturdays.

"We always hoped for this situation, but the outpouring of interest and word of mouth for this show has taken us completely by surprise," comments Artistic Director Andrew Hobgood at Sunday's company meeting.

After only a short number of performances, The New Colony finds themselves in the delightful position of maxing out the capacity of their venue. Over the course of a week, the production team began transitioning the production to the new venue while still performing in the Gallery of the Royal George Theatre.

"Over a four-week run, less than 1,000 people would be able to see this show in the Royal George's Gallery," explains Hobgood. "Moving the production to the Cabaret space will make the show available to more people.

"Calls to Blood" tells the darkly comic tragedy of the perfect American couple and their seemingly impenetrable happiness - even as they struggle to conceive the child they want so desperately. But in trying to find a solution to this continual failure, they unearth the one truth that can destroy everything upon which their perfect lives have been built.

Here's what the press has been saying:

Chicago Tribune Recommended and Critic's Pick
"Four young performers in sync with one another, wholly able to replicate the casual jokes and hidden terror that fill the yuppie life in Chicago as it is lived, and, in the case of an arresting young actress named Sarah Gitenstein, wholly willing to dig deep and howl out her wounded innards with sufficient force to jolt you out of your uncomfortable seat."

"On the face of it, such dramas seem easy to do and, indeed, many small companies attempt them. But "Calls to Blood" and New Colony know how to heed that call much clearer than most. Andrew Hobgood's savvy production is quite the riveting show."
-- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"... the New Colony's fierce production transcends the scenario's slick contours. As Alison, Gitenstein brings a breathtaking passion to the stage; torn apart by what she learns, Gitenstein manages to lift the play from its true-story origins to true art."
-- John Beer, TimeOut Chicago

Reader Recommended
"The play shouldn't work, but Asmus pack his seemingly incompatible scenes with accurate, telling observations of human behavior, and director Andrew Hobgood's pitch-perfect cast articulate them with graceful precision. Against all odds, nearly everything in this New Colony premiere rings poignantly true."
-- Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

"Gut-wrenching! While establishing a couple's perfect relation only to rip it apart isn't new ground, this flawless execution is beyond rare."
" will floor you."
-- John Biederman, Centerstage Chicago

"Calls to Blood" premiered 8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12 with an additional press opening Thursday, Oct. 15. "Calls to Blood" runs at 8 p.m. Thursdays - Saturdays at the Royal George Cabaret Theatre through Nov 28.

Show passes at $25 for general admission, $20 for seniors and $15 for students/industry. Visit to access the ePaybill for "Calls to Blood," Passes are on sale online through TickerMaster or by calling the Royal George Bow Office at (312) 988-9000. All passes to The New Colony productions allow the purchaser to see the show for which the pass was purchased for an unlimited number of times.

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