Monday, June 9, 2014

Da Lobsta’s Soon to be "On A Roll" with Da Lobsta Truck #FindDaLobsta

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Beginning sometime in June, Da Lobsta’s first lobster food truck will be on a roll throughout Chicagoland, 
Da Lobsta Food Truck graphic final 300serving up its unique take on lobster rolls and other lobster delights. The truck will be all over the area, from downtown, through the neighborhoods and even in the suburbs. You’ll also start seeing it at street fairs and festivals throughout the area.

Da Lobsta’s food truck promises to raise the bar for food trucks in the Chicago area."Until now, food trucks have offered quick, inexpensive meals and treats to go, at a very low price point," said J Wolf, Da Lobsta’s owner and founder.

"These foods definitely have their place, but the Da Lobsta truck will be different—we’re offering upscale food at a higher, but still reasonable price point. We believe that Chicagoans are ready to enjoy better quality and more creative fare from food trucks. Our delicious lobster rolls, sandwiches and other items are designed to appeal to food lovers who have been craving a great lobster experience at an affordable price. We’re excited to be leading the way with this new level of food truck service."

The past year has been a very successful introductory period for Da Lobsta, which has established two popular locations in Chicago. "Because the demand for our products has been so high, we chose to launch a food truck so we could reach a wide audience while familiarizing more and more people with our brand," said Wolf. "The truck will give us important experience in this important new sector of the business."

Da Lobsta’s food truck is poised to raise the standard for food trucks in Chicago. It will be the first to serve upscale food rather than fast food and snacks from a food truck, and yet the prices will be very reasonable. To find out where the Da Lobsta Food Truck will be, follow their special Twitter feed at #finddalobsta.
Da Lobsta Traditional Lobster Roll etDa Lobsta earned more than $1 million in year one with its two locations, 12 E. Cedar and 131 N. Clinton at the Chicago French Market. To raise the capital needed to build and equip the truck, Da Lobsta turned to Bolstr, a marketplace where successful local businesses access growth funding to scale. The Bolstr campaign was such a success that the needed funds were raised in only four days. "People know a good thing when they see it, and so we’re weren’t surprised that we raised the funds, but we were overjoyed, to say the least, when it took so little time," said Wolf. "We are proud that Chicagoans have such confidence in us, and we will do everything we can to make this a smart investment and a successful avenue for building our growing community of fans."

For those not familiar with Da Lobsta, think the American Dream on a bun. Da Lobsta serves authentic New England lobster roll sandwiches in addition to several varieties with a tasty twist. The menu also is filled with lobster, crab and shrimp specialties, such as Lobster and Crab Spinach dip, Lobster Grilled Cheese, New England Clam Chowda, Lobster Mac-N-Cheese, and delicious Chopped Salads. Creative lobster roll sandwiches, which can be made with lobster, blue crab or shrimp, include the Asian, the Mexican, the Greek, and the Indian.

"We were first to the market by offering an upscale lobster roll product at fast-casual prices, making it affordable for the masses," said Wolf, founder and owner. "We knew Chicagoans love their lobster and there was pent-up demand for lobster served at an affordable price. We have solved the riddle as to how to do it really well at a reasonably low price point."

Da Lobsta’s Lobster Roll sandwiches are priced at $12.95, and they have clearly raised the bar. Da Lobsta fans can still enjoy all of the great menu items at the two "bricks and mortar" locations, but soon Chicagoans will begin to see enthusiastic lines of people standing alongside the Da Lobsta food truck, waiting to enjoy their delicious goodies in the fresh air of summertime.

For more information about Da Lobsta and to view the menu online, please visit the website at

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