Friday, April 24, 2015

Discovering Vintage Chicago by Amy Bizzarri Releasing May 7

“ How could anyone step into a fast food joint when we live in a city that has Lem’s barbecue rib tips, Kurowski’s kielbasa, Manny’s matzo ball soup, and Lindy’s chili within reach? You can’t even compare the products and services of the businesses featured in this book with those of mass retailers, either: Just try putting an Optimo hat on your head—you’ll ooze with elegance. Burn a beeswax lambathe from Athenian Candle and watch it glow longer than any candle you’ve ever lit. Bite into an Andersonville coffeecake from the Swedish Bakery—and you’ll have a hard time returning to the artificial ingredient–laden cakes found at most grocers…Chicago just wouldn’t be Chicago without these historic, one-of- a-kind places, and the people that run them from behind the scenes with nothing but love, hard work, and pride.”

Discovering Vintage Chicago

A Guide to the City’s Timeless Shops, Bars, Delis & More
Releasing May 7, 2015 by Globe Pequot Press, the trade division of Rowman & Littlefield, Discovering Vintage Chicago is a guide to all of the city’s timeless classic spots that take you back in time. The book spotlights the charming stories that tell you what each place is like now and how it got that way. It includes indexes that let you choose the places you want to visit by neighborhood, by category, and—naturally—by era.

Discovering Vintage Chicago takes you to classic restaurants, shops, and other establishments that still thrive today and evoke the unique character of the city. They’re all still around—but they won’t be around forever. Start reading, and start your discovering now!

About the author

Amy Bizzarri is an extreme Chicago history buff and freelance writer who also covers travel for the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau. She resides in a vintage 1910 home in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Read her blog at

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Discovering Vintage Chiccago: A Guide to the City’s Timeless Shops, Bars, Delis & More
by Amy Bizzarri

May, 2015

9781493001545 • $16.95, paperback

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