Tuesday, July 29, 2008

By George, they've done it. Deerfields Bakery launches Gluten-Free goodies

We are now blogging to you live from Deerfields Bakery! We are here at the media event to introduce Deerfields' gluten-free baked goodies. The event is a huge success. Nearly 100 local people with Celiac disease and other gluten intolerances are flocking to get their first taste of the new products. While we don't have gluten intolerance, we couldn't get enough of the creamy cheesecake with light flaky crust, wildly delicious chocolate cupcakes (moist and light; made with rice flour and our favorite quinoa!) and the balsamic strawberry shortcake with caramel whipped cream - totally yummy.

We sampled all 20 gluten-free products, including a first taste of Deerfields' new gluten-free bread, hot out of the oven today. We can't get enough of the Rice Bran Artisan Bread Roll. The local experts told us that it is unheard of to get crusty bread with great texture and moisture! Well, our hat's off to Lisa. By George she's got it!
There have been a lot of guests at today's event, including members of the media and the gluten-free community. Media were even able to chat with people living with Celiac disease, and Deerfield baker and the Gluten-free Queen Lisa Albertson led everyone on a guided tour of the bakery's gluten-free production facility. The room was buzzing. We heard cries... delicious. I can't believe it's gluten-free. One woman said that it's been over 15 years since she had cake like this. Several people had tears. The children all had smiles. Thank you Kurt and Lisa! You've outdone yourself.
To check out all of the bakery's gluten-free product line and for more information on Deerfields Bakery, please visit http://www.deerfieldsglutenfree.com/.

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