Thursday, July 3, 2008

Watch "Hopkins" Thursday Nights on ABC and pay attention to the background music by breakthrough singer songwriter Elza

Don't miss the show Newsday reporter Verne Gay calls, "The best unscripted show on commercial television this season." "Hopkins" is ABC's newest documentary mini-series, and airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST (9 p.m. CST). The story continues this week, taking viewers inside Baltimore's renowned John Hopkins Hospital to meet both the seriously ill and the doctors who treat them. Molded from 1500 hours of footage, "Hopkins" showcases a raw and honest look at the dilemmas and decisions of some of the world's most talented doctors and the turmoil-ridden families of the patients they treat.

You may be asking: "Why is Kurman telling me this?" Our client Elza is the featured female singer/songwriter debuting 12 future hits (we hope) during the series.

There's been a lot of media interest in "Everything to Me," from Elza's namesake album "Elza," and "Wide Open." Her new album (not yet released) "Gettin' Free" can be heard on iTunes and at You can also learn more at

Elza's music is not new to the television scene; she has been featured on numerous network series including the WB's Smallville. Her soulful, acoustic sound forms a compassionate musical score and compliments the struggles and heroic efforts of the doctors featured on "Hopkins." This spotlight on Elza'a talent as a singer and a songwriter has catapulted her to new heights. We expect her to keep rising as the star she is!

To schedule an interview with Elza, please contact Cindy Kurman at Kurman Communications 312-651-9000.

Press here to check out Elza's website or here for the press release.

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