Monday, September 8, 2008

Chicago Dessert Examiner: The cupcake diet

By Stacy Warden - Chicago Dessert Examiner
Photo Courtesy of Jessica Tampas

Patty Rothman is on the cupcake diet. This means she eats the things for breakfast, lunch and dinner—sometimes she’ll even sneak a bite or two between meals.

It’s easy to eat cupcakes around the clock when armed with choices like the BLT, BBQ peach and mango sticky rice. These are just a few treats the pastry queen is doling out at her new cupcake shop, MORE, on State and Delaware.

Rothman is challenging folks to think outside of the box (or mix, if you will) with her list of savory cakes. The BLT, a house favorite, gets a dollop of ranch dressing frosting topped with thin tomato slices, arugula and tiny bits of bacon. BBQ peach is a nod to backyard cookouts with its fresh fruit and smoky finish, and the mango sticky rice—well, it’s just damn good.

It would be a shame, though, to dive into these lunchy selections without first treating yourself to a well-balanced breakfast cupcake of bacon, maple and brown sugar. And then there’s the sweet side of Rothman’s list, on which you’ll find over 25 toothsome treats. Choices range from classics like red velvet, carrot ginger and chocolate to MORE’s upscale version of the original Hostess cupcake with a homemade marshmallow filling.

For more info: Sweet cupcakes: $3.50 each, or $39.50 per dozenSavory cupcakes: $3.95 each, or $45 per dozenBacon cupcakes: $4.25 each, or $48 per dozen

Chicago Dessert Examiner: The cupcake diet

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