Friday, August 14, 2009

StreetWise Hosts Rooftop Gala to Honor Heroes and Champions of the Chicago Community August 21

StreetWise, the magazine that provides an income to Chicagoans who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, is celebrating its heroes and champions at a rooftop gala from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Friday, August 21 at the Rooftop Sculpture Garden (117 N. Jefferson, fourth floor). Guests can purchase individual tickets for $100, or a block of 6 tickets for $500. "Good Karma" donations are welcome at $50 each.

Come experience the sophisticated side of StreetWise and enjoy high-end cuisine, catered by Hot Chocolate, Santorini, Bluebird, Frontera Grill, Whole Foods and Map Room; spirits and live jazz entertainment by the TVK Orchestra, who are regularly featured at Green Dolphin Street. A silent auction will be held with items including art by Tony Fitzpatrick, art from Caste, travel packages, a Chicago Bulls VIP package and local artisanal jewelry.

Just as StreetWise encourages its vendors to grow, the organization continues to mold its mission. StreetWise has launched a new workforce training and education mission. The event will recognize individuals who have made a tremendous positive impact on the StreetWise community through the commencement of a Workforce Training and Education Program offering mentoring, higher-education, job training and life skills programs.

Featured guests of honor include Kevin Ward, a volunteer coordinating the one-on-one mentorship program that was a major factor in the success of this pilot project; John Reinsdorf, chairman of the Workforce Training and Education Committee and pioneer of the program and its partnership with Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED); and Alderman Manny Flores, a strong supporter and advocate of the StreetWise cause, who brought unparalleled attention to the importance of StreetWise to the Chicago community. The top five champion StreetWise vendors will also be present including Glen Hughes, Cloceal Holman, Roger Jacobson, Craig Barrow and Patricia Tillman who are all top LEED graduates.

The LEED Council higher education initiative offers mentoring, job training and life skills programs. The $100 contribution enrolls a StreetWise vendor in computer labs, career counseling and interview coaching. With the help of donations, StreetWise can continue to provide people displaced in the tough economy with the means to beat the streets and reach for the stars.

StreetWise sells for $2 per issue. Vendors purchase the magazine for 75 cents and the remaining $1.25 goes directly to the licensed StreetWise vendor. People are urged to make a financial contribution to help support StreetWise and the important mission it carries out. For more information or to make a contribution, please contact Bruce Crane at (312) 829-2526 ext. 13.

StreetWise is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Contributions are tax deductable. For more information regarding the gala, or to donate, please visit

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Alexandra W Sipiora said...

I would like more information on the LEED program that provides computer labs and career counseling to the homeless. For school, in diversity class, our project was on the black homeless. I interviewed a black homeless man and I interviewed the staff at a church which tries to help the homeless, and I realized that the white middle class isn't always aware of the barriers the homeless face.
Please send the information to I would be particularly interested in fundraising ideas so I could send a few homeless people there. The one I interviewed has a lot of potential.
Alexandra W Sipiora