Friday, February 10, 2012

February is National Snack Month!

February is a month celebrating one of our favorite things: snack foods! For that little nibble between meals or something to munch on while watching TV or getting work done, snack foods are a part of our everyday lives.

One of the best places to find unique foods to snack on is the Chicago French Market. With a wide variety of vendors, you can find a great snack regardless of your taste buds’ preferences.

For your inner health nut, check out Raw. at the Chicago French Market.   With a variety of muffins and granola to act as mid-day munchies, they also offer a selection of super food smoothies, sunflower sprouts, vitamins, wheat grass shots, coconut water and rejuvelac. RAW could put you on track to regaining a healthier lifestyle through the act of snacking!

Who said snacks are meant to be crunchy? A take a refreshing break in your day and get and energy boost with a fresh, squeezed-to-order juice from Loop Juice!  Create your own juice blend from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and homemade smoothies.  Perfect for the health-conscious snacker on-the-go!

For those of you whole love an injection of sugar to keep you going or just like to indulge your sweet tooth for fun, Delightful Pastries has you covered!  For the serious snacker, these authentic hand-made European treats are made using local, natural and sustainable grown ingredients.  And don’t fret about your figure, many of the items have low-sugar counterparts.  Their tasty snacks include seasonal breads, yummy cookies, bars, cakes, pierogis and quiches; and for the early-morning snacker: morning pastries!

Snacking for a good cause makes getting your midday pick me up from Sweet Miss Giving's even sweeter!  100% of all profits from the bakery and Chicago French Market's retail location go directly to Chicago House. An organization that provides housing and supportive services to HIV-affected and HIV-at risk families and individuals, who may also be impacted by poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, and mental illness.  All of the sweet treats are made from scratch and preservative-free and feature delectable selections such as red velvet cupcakes, Biscotti and cookies.

City Fresh Market offers an array of both savory and sweet snacks to satisfy a hunger of any size. Cheese and meat pies, cakes, cookies, breads and pastries act as some serious snacks for the seasoned snacker.  Throw in a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits and fresh-squeezed juices and the possibilities are endless!

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