Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lunch Hour Music with Sipos and Rachel Young at the Chicago French Market

Wednesday, September 11
Lunch Hour Music
11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Sipos and Rachel Young

Chris Sipos and Rachel Young play acoustic music for the discerning listener. They delve into a multitude of genres ranging from upscale, in-vogue intonations to folk songs as haunting as the most ancient mountain hollow. A smoky jazz ballad sits beside a driving Johnny Cash-June Carter cover, while superb originals by Sipos are regularly stirred into the mix.  The duo is appealing and enjoyable on a number of levels, soothing the audience with eclectic covers, and then slowly drawing it into deeper poetic waters.

The virtuoso guitar capabilities of Chris Sipos provide superb tempo and temperament for every intricately arranged offering in the pair’s songbook. Classically trained Rachel’s celestial singing style offers the perfect vehicle for the duo’s penchant toward music that shines a light on life’s ever-changing spectrum of emotions.

Together Sipos and Young are proof positive that musical entertainment can communicate spirit and essence in a single wallop.

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