Thursday, February 27, 2014

National Surf & Turf Day is a Leap Year food holiday. Celebrate on the 28th & Think Da Lobsta Surf & Turf Lobster Roll

Surf & Turf Lobster Roll at Da Lobsta in Chicago
Why celebrate National Surf & Turf day only once every 4 years? Celebrate February 28. 

And, who said that enjoying surf and turf has to break the bank? Enjoy Da Lobsta’s creative twist with its Surf & Turf Lobster Roll, only $12.95 at both Chicago area locations, including the 12 E. Cedar St. location and the Chicago French Market. 

Bet you can’t just eat one! The Surf & Turf Lobster is a delicious sandwich featuring beautiful Lobster Claws and meat, Apple Smoked and Maple Glazed Bacon, and Tarragon Mayo served on a New England-style toasted garlic bun. Yum. #ChicagoBestSandwich

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