Friday, June 5, 2009

Ernest J. Schweit and Nancy Shumm-Burgess "Wisconsin Barns" Book Signing

Check out Ernest J. Schweit and Nancy Shumm-Burgess on WGN-TV discussing “Wisconsin Barns.” To view the segment click here.

Why barns? Shumm-Burgess and Schweit know that these historic structures are being replaced with subdivisions, resulting in a diminishing agrarian culture. Those who are left are being encouraged to update their barns with more modern and efficient structures. It is not too late to save these castles of the prairie before they are gone forever. Barns are a great symbol of American heritage and should remain the temples of the prairie.

To see an exhibit of 24 images from the book, view them at Uncommon Ground, 1404 W. Devon Ave. Chicago, Ill.; (773) 465-9801. The show runs through August 3. Visit for more information.

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