Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Presto Cafe and Grill is Open at Chicago French Market

SzudlerBrings Mediterranean Cuisine to Chicago

Chicago French Market (131 N. Clinton St., 312-575-0306), located in the West Loop/Fulton River District, opened its newest vendor, Presto Café and Grill, the week of May 9. Adding to more than 25 vendors found at the market the new vendor brings Mediterranean cuisine to the Chicago French Market.Presto Café and Grill offers 10 percent off any meal after 4 p.m. and any large orders of 10 meals or more gets one meal free.

Chef Israel Szudler has knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine from his work at the Russian Wingiet Sports Institute and his catering business, Taste of Israel Catering. His Mediterranean cooking techniques can be found in menu items such as appetizers, entrees and pitas. Appetizers include Original Hummus— a blend of chickpeas and sesame paste mixed with spices and herbs topped with extra virgin olive oil, spread with homemade pita bread for $3.69, Roasted peppers salad — mix of peppers, fresh and dry province herbs, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic glaze, topped with crumbled feta cheese for $3.99, Capri Island salad — sliced vine-ripe tomatoes with sliced fresh mozzarella cheese garnished with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil with a touch of balsamic glaze vinegar for $4.69, Mediterranean Cabbage salad — thin sliced cabbage and grated carrots with parsley, celery and secret dressing for $2.99, Original Baba Ghanoush salad — grilled eggplants mixed with light mayo, fresh garlic and lemon juice, served with homemade pita bread for $4.49 and Vegetarian Greek Dolma — grape leaves stuffed with rice, served with Labane sauce sprinkled with olive oil and herbs for $3.99.

Entrees include Chicken Shawarma — grilled and lightly seasoned thinly sliced chicken thighs with fried sweet Vidalia onions for $6.99, Chicken Kabob — a skewer of grilled tender chicken breast for $6.99, Beef Kifta Kabob — a skewer of angus ground beef and lamb with a touch of spices and herbs for $8.99, and Grilled Schnitzel — grilled, lightly marinated chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, with pesto sauce for $6.99.

More entrees include Vegetarian Kebab — a skewer of grilled and lightly marinated mix of peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, red onion and cherry tomatoes for $6.99, Beef Tenderloin Kebab — a skewer of finest beef tenderloin grilled and marinated in house secret sauce for $9.99, Moroccan Style Baked Tilapia fillet — fillet of tilapia baked with sliced vegetables with lemon sauce and herbs for $7.99, Falafel — a mixture of ground chickpeas with onions, herbs and spices made into patties lightly fried to golden perfection for $6.99. All entrees are served with Jasmine rice, fresh thinly sliced Jerusalem salad and your choice of Tahini sauce or house special tomato sauce.

Presto Café and Grill offers the Chicken Shawarma for $5.99, Chicken Kabob for $5.99, Beef Kifta Kabob for $7.99, Grilled Schnitzel for $5.99, Vegetarian Kebab for $5.99 and Beef Tenderloin Kebab for $8.99 in a pita. All pita entrees come with homemade freshly baked pita bread, a spread of hummus, fresh thinly sliced Jerusalem salad, and your choice of Tahini sauce or house special tomato sauce.

Chef Israel Szudler graduated with a master’s degree in the Culinary Arts and Economy from the Russian Culinary College in 1975. Szudler then worked four years as a chef in Russia at the Wingiet Sports Institute, before opening Taste of Israel Catering that he successfully ran for eight years. When he moved to Chicago he worked as a chef at the Russian restaurant called Kabak and then later worked as a store manager for Garden Fresh Markets. He will now be fulfilling his dream to open his own food concept of delicious, fresh and healthy Mediterranean cuisine at the Chicago French Market.

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