Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Delightful Pastries Celebrates Paczki Day at the Chicago French Market

FB-paczki-2013etTuesday, February 12 - Paczki Day
All Day

Paczki Day (Fat Tuesday) may sound like an excuse to have a mid-February donut feast, but it's much more than that. The Paczki is a Polish doughnut (fried dough filled with fruit preservatives, sweet cream or chocolate custard and topped with powdered sugar or glaze). Historically, Fat Tuesday was an opportunity for Polish Catholics to eat all the sugar, eggs and lard in their house before Lent. But these days many people around the city, Catholic or just celebrating Mardi Gras, know a good holiday when they taste it.

Delightful Pastries will be featuring the Polish pastry in a variety of fruity flavors including: Apricot Jelly ($2), Strawberry and Custard ($3), Plum Butter ($2) and Rose Petal Jelly ($2). The shop also makes a delicious Drunken Paczki. These sweets are made from different types of liqueurs including Patron Cocoa XO and chocolate custard ($3) and Vodka Vanilla Bean Custard ($3). Paczki Day orders can be taken up to February 8 by calling (773) 545-7215. Stop by the Chicago French Market this Paczki Day, February 12 to fill up on your share of sweets.

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