Monday, February 9, 2009

Dine's Red Velvet Cake on WLS-TV

Over the weekend, Dine's chef Eric Tran appeared on WLS-TV's morning news broadcast to show how to make Dine's signature red velvet cake--in a heart shape, just for Valentine's Day. With the help of anchor Stacy Baca, Eric described red velvet cake's unique taste and appeal, as he demonstrated how to make the dessert.

In the photo, Eric slices strawberries as a garnish during his segment "tease" during the broadcast.

To make Dine's Red Velvet Cake for your sweetie on Valentine's Day, press here for the recipe, featured on ABC's Web site.

Dine features the Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cake as part of its special Valentine's Day menu, offered February 13 and 14 alongside the restaurant's regular menu. Make reservations today! Call (312) 602-2100 or visit

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