Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady to Speak at River North Business Association Luncheon October 20

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady joins the River North Business Association (RNBA) for its 3rd quarter luncheon at the Wolf Point Ballroom of the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., October 20. Brady will discuss his view on business issues. The event will be moderated by radio personality Bill Moller.

The Brady luncheon is open to the public. Mr. Brady will answer questions from the audience.  Advance registration costs $40 for members of the RNBA and $50 for non-members. Ticket cost for walk-ins is $60. Advance registration may be made by going to the River North Business Association website at

Bill Brady has a few campaign promises for every Illinois citizen:

  • Contribution limits. Capping individual campaign contributions at $4,800 for a primary-general election cycle and prohibiting union and corporate contributions.
  • Term limits. Ending control of the General Assembly by a powerful few.
  • Fair representation. Taking the job of redrawing legislative district boundaries away from politicians and giving it to the bipartisan state Board of Elections using a computer program.
  • Building a jobs-creating environment.  Real lawsuit abuse reform, job creation tax credits and elimination of excessive, job-killing taxes and fees on business.
  • Living within our means.  Restoring fiscal discipline and balancing the budget without raising taxes on Illinois families.
  • School reform. Transforming the State Board of Education into a smaller agency that reports directly to the governor – ensuring that money goes to benefit students in classrooms, not the bureaucracy.

Who is the River North Business Association?

RNBA is made up of hundreds of local business owners who share a wide variety of interests and needs. It's the mission of our Association to promote and support members in every way possible, and to help improve the quality of life within the community.

We also work hard to keep River North a top-of-mind destination for visitors, touting the area as a unique place to explore, shop, dine, take in the nightlife, and stay at one of our great hotels.

Here are a few of the ways RNBA helps to ensure the success of member businesses as well as the prosperity of River North as a whole.
RNBA Opportunities to Help Your Business Thrive and Grow.

Marketing Opportunities. Getting your name out to as many people as possible is a major focus of our efforts. As a RNBA member, your company will appear in our directory and be readily accessible through our website. Additional marketing opportunities exist via street banners, newsletters and website advertising. Plus, we'll offer you sponsorship opportunities for highly visible events involving various public and private organizations.

Programs and Networking Events. RNBA is actively involved in organizing charity events, mini-trade shows, educational seminars, and a range of other functions. In addition, we hold monthly mixers where you can meet and greet fellow members and potential business partners. These ongoing initiatives bring you together with a broad range of valuable contacts throughout the Chicagoland area.

Advocacy Role. We're in close touch with city authorities regarding many River North issues, which means members can count on us to advance their interests and help resolve problems. From evaluating proposed construction projects to getting sidewalks repaired, RNBA carries a strong voice in official circles.

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