Friday, October 29, 2010

Buzz from Kurman: Roundup of October News

October flew by. We've had a great media month at Kurman Communications. In case you missed the news, here's a rundown of some of our placements in October. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you market your business, send us an email or give us a call at 312.651.9000. You can always check Got Buzz for the latest information:

Kurman Clients In The News
October 2010

10.08.10 The Town of Cicero: ASLF
10.06.10  Extra News: ASLF

10.04.10 Gozamos: ASLF 

10.03.10 John Mariani Newsletter: Bella Bacinos 

10.25.10 Left Bank Life: Chicago French Market
10.25.10 Crain's: Chicago French Market
10.21.10 Time Out Chicago: Chicago French Market
10.19.10 She's Shopping Now: Chicago French Market
10.15.10 Pour Taste Chicago: Chicago French Market
10.13.10 Eater Chicago: Chicago French Market
10.12.10 Tasting Table: Chicago French Market
10.11.10 Cheeky Chicago: Chicago French Market
10.11.10 Crain's Chicago Business, On-Line: Chicago French Market
10.06.10 Chicago Magazine, Dish: Chicago French Market
10.06.10 Fulton River District: Chicago French Market
10.04.10 Where's the Locals Eat: Chicago French Market
10.03.10 Joanna's Fitness and Nutrition Blog: Chicago French Market
10.03.10 Daily Candy: Chicago French Market 

10.28.10 Pioneer Press: Fleming's
10.21.10 Evanston Review: Fleming's
10.21.10 Wilmette Life: Fleming's
10.21.10 Crain's Chicago Business: Fleming's
10.21.10 Chicago Fleming's
10.21.10 Got Buzz at Kurman Blog: Fleming's
10.16.10 Chicago Tribune: Fleming's
10.15.10 Fleming's
10.15.10 Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce: Fleming's
10.13.10 Chicago Sun-Times: Fleming's
10.12.10 Fleming's
10.07.10 Evanston Review: Fleming's
10.07.10 Wilmette Life: Fleming's
10.03.10 John Mariani's Virtual Gourmet: Fleming's

10.28.10 Pioneer Press: Guanajuato

10.28.10 Time Out Mayne Stage
10.28.10 Pioneer Press: Mayne Stage
10.28.10 Chicago Mayne Stage
10.21.10 Loud Loop Press: Mayne Stage
10.21.10 Centerstage Chicago: Mayne Stage
10.21.10 Chicago Sun-Times: Mayne Stage
10.19.10 For Folks Sake: Mayne Stage
10.19.10 Mayne Stage
10.18.10 The Ins and Outs of the Universe: Mayne Stage
10.18.10 Chicago Tribune: Mayne Stage
10.15.10 Concierge Preferrerd: Mayne Stage
10.15.10: Loud Loop Press: Mayne Stage
10.13.10 Brooklyn Vegan: Mayne Stage
10.11.10 Baby Stew: Mayne Stage
10.11.10 Metromix: Mayne Stage
10.10.10 The Audio Perv: Mayne Stage
10.09.10 NBC Chicago: Mayne Stage
10.08.10 Independent Music: Mayne Stage
10.08.10 Parasites & Sychophants: Mayne Stage
10.08.10 Chicago Pride: Mayne Stage
10.08.10 Rogers Park Alliance: Mayne Stage
10.07.10 Have Media: Mayne Stage
10.07.10 Do 312: Mayne Stage
10.07.10 Metromix: Mayne Stage
10.07.10 Chicago Reader: Mayne Stage
10.07.10 Huffington Post: Mayne Stage
10.07.10 Hollywood Chicago: Mayne Stage
10.07.10 The Local Tourist: Mayne Stage
10.06.10 Chicago Studio Club: Mayne Stage
10.05.10 ChiTown Guide: Mayne Stage
10.03.10 Windy City Rock: Mayne Stage
10.03.10 Stark Online: Mayne Stage
10.01.10 My Old Kentucky Blog: Mayne Stage
10.01.10 Metromix: Mayne Stage
10.01.10 Metromix: Mayne Stage
10.01.10 Metromix: Mayne Stage 

10.04.10 Searchable Me: JunoWallet
10.14.10 The Point of Sale News: JunoWallet

10.15.10 Time Out Restaurant Michael
10.11.10 LA Splash: Restaurant Michael
10.05.10 Restaurant Michael

10.26.10 Examiner: Saigon Sisters
10.20.10 Centerstage Chicago: Saigon Sisters
10.13.10 Time Out Saigon Sisters
10.06.10 Chicago Mag's DISH: Saigon Sisters
10.05.10 Tasting Table Chicago: Saigon Sisters
10.03.10 The Deef Blog: Saigon Sisters

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