Friday, January 7, 2011

A December to Remember - News from Kurman Communications, Inc.

We love what we do at Kurman Communications. We're proud of our clients, our work and our team.  We hope that you're following our news, but in case you missed any key stories last month, here are some links to ponder. 

A Silver Lining Foundation
12.03.10 NBC Chicago: A Silver Lining Foundation
12.03.10 Charity Happenings: A Silver Lining Foundation
12.09.10 Patch-Lake Forest/Lake Bluff: A Silver Lining Foundation
12.09.10 Patch-Orland Park: A Silver Lining Foundation
12.09.10 Patch-Evergreen Park: A Silver Lining Foundation
12.13.10 Daily Chronicle: A Silver Lining Foundation
12.13.10 TribLocal: A Silver Lining Foundation
12.16.10 Pioneer Local, Lake Zurich Courier: A Silver Lining Foundation
12.23.10 Pioneer Local, Evanston Review: A Silver Lining Foundation
12.26.10 Patch-Buffalo Grove: A Silver Lining Foundation

Bacinos / Bella Bacinos
12.04.10 Chicago Tribune, The Stew: Bella Bacinos La Grange
12.03.10 Concierge Preferred: Bella Bacinos La Grange
12.16.10 Chicago Bites: Bella Bacinos Wacker
12.19.10 Bella Bacinos La Grange
12.22.10 Bella Bacinos 
12.26.10 Patch-La Grange: Bella Bacinos 
12.29.10 Chicago Tribune: Bella Bacinos La Grange/ Wacker

Bistro One West
12.14.10 Chicago Tribune, The Stew: Bistro One West
12.15.10 My Suburban Life: Bistro One West
12.15.10 Chicago Top 100: Bistro One West
12.15.10 Kane County Chronicle: Bistro One West
12.16.10 St. Charles Patch: Bistro One West
12.19.10 Bistro One West
12.27.10 Eater Chicago: Bistro One West
12.28.10 The Courier-News: Bistro One West
12.29.10 Chicago Tribune: Bistro One West

Chicago French Market
12.10.10 The Local Tourist: Chicago French Market
12.10.10 Elizabeth Doyle Culture Beat: Chicago French Market
12.15.10 Chicago Cheap Eats Examiner: Chicago French Market
12.15.10 Fulton River District Association: Chicago French Market
12.15.10 Chicago Parent: Chicago French Market

12.15.10 Yelp: Chicago French Market
12.15.10 Concierge Preferred: Chicago French Market
12.15.10 Just Luxe: Chicago French Market
12.16.10 Crain's 10 things to do this weekend: Chicago French Market
12.16.10 Pioneer Press: Chicago French Market
12.17.10 Grub Street Chicago: Chicago French Market
12.17.10 Chicagoist: Chicago French Market
12.20.10 France-Amerique: Chicago French Market
12.21.10 Lake Forest Chicago French Market
12.21.10 Modern Luxury Blog: Chicago French Market
12.28.10 DineWise: Chicago French Market
12.29.10 Chicago Vegetarian Examiner: Chicago French Market
12.30.10 Wellsphere: Chicago French Market

Everest Burger 
12.16.10 : Everest Burger

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar
12.07.10 Fleming's
12.28.10 Daily Herald: Fleming's
12.29.10 Chicago Tribune: Fleming's

12.19.10 Guanajuato
12.28.10 Daily Herald: Guanajuato
12.29.10 Chicago Tribune: Guanajuato

Restaurant Michael
12.05.10 John Mariani's Virtual Gourmet: Restaurant Michael
12.13.10 Crain's Chicago Restaurant Michael
12.15.10 Restaurant Michael
12.19.10 Restaurant Michael
12.29.10 Chicago Tribune: Restaurant Michael

Saigon Sisters
12.02.10 Medill: Saigon Sisters
12.04.10 Examiner: Saigon Sisters
12.03.10 Food Packaging Warehouse: Saigon Sisters
12.07.10 TimeOut Chicago: Saigon Sisters 
12.09.10 Newcity: Saigon Sisters
12.09.10 Newcity: Saigon Sisters
12.15.10 TimeOut Chicago: Saigon Sisters
12.17.10 Chicago Reader: Saigon Sisters
12.17.10 Eater: Saigon Sisters
12.22.10 Foodie Wannabe: Saigon Sisters 
12.22.10 Gilt City: Saigon Sisters
12.22.10 Chi-Town Chimpin': Saigon Sisters
12.22.10 Chicago Reader: Saigon Sisters
12.29.10 Chicago Tribune: Saigon Sisters
12.29.10 Chicago Journal: Saigon Sisters  

Westfield Old Orchard
12.06.10 Crain's Chicago Business: Westfield Old Orchard
12.06.10 Pioneer Press: Westfield Old Orchard
12.06.10 Chicago Breaking News: Westfield Old Orchard
12.06.10 Daily Herald: Westfield Old Orchard

12.06.10 Chicago Top 100: Westfield Old Orchard
12.06.10 Go Green, Save Earth Blog: Westfield Old Orchard

12.06.10 American Towns: Westfield Old Orchard
12.06.10 Chicago NOW: Westfield Old Orchard
12.07.10 Grub Street Chicago: Westfield Old Orchard
12.07.10 Curbed Chicago: Westfield Old Orchard
12.08.10 World Book and News: Westfield Old Orchard
12.09.10 TribLocal/Skokie: Westfield Old Orchard
12.14.10 Chain Store Age: Westfield Old Orchard
12.15.10 News from Westfield Old Orchard

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