Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chicago French Market: New vendors, specials and features in April

The Chicago French Market continues to deliver and bring exciting news.   Now, it is proud to introduce its newest vendor, Spicy Monkey Soup Co., expected to open this April.

Spicy Monkey is a new and innovation soup shop that will focus on serving homemade and healthy soup and sandwich options.  All the soups at Spicy Monkey will begin with an amazing, fresh, never frozen and delicious vegetarian stock. Its stocks is simmered to perfection then restyled into its daily variety of soups. Every day Spicy Monkey Soup will offer broth, cream and tomato based soup options.  The best part about the Spicy Monkey’s homemade soups is the healthy variety of toppings.  All soups can be complemented with anything from chicken breast and bacon to pinto beans and Ditalini pasta. In addition, all of its soups can be picked up for a fresh, quick lunch or pre-ordered for an easy-delicious dinner with the family.

 Also featured on the menu, is a large selection of grilled sandwiches.  All sandwiches will be hand-made to order with meats, cheeses and breads not containing preservatives, and fresh veggies. Featured sandwiches will include Asparagus with Swiss, and Provolone and Chihuahua with Blueberry Preserves.

 For the past twenty-years, Spicy Monkey Owner Kyle Dakota has proven himself as a successful restaurateur by opening several restaurants across the country. A native of Chicago, he grew up in his Grandmother Juliet’s, kitchen. It was the time spent with his grandparents that molded his passion for cooking and his desire to create restaurants where people would feel comfortable and welcome.  “Her food always tasted amazing and she never used preservatives or non-food fillers,” he said. “That is what you will find from Spicy Monkey Soup Co., menu items that always will be crafted from real food.  Our philosophy begins with our food and continues onto everyone who steps up to our shop and even a few who just pass by.  We are excited to create a sense of community,” Dakota continues. “Our goal is to leave everyone we meet in a better place than we find them.”

Klay Oven Kitchen will be opening this April!  The well-known Indian restaurant with locations in River North and Oak Park has opened an outpost in the French Market. The restaurant sells made-to-order bowls and wraps with organic vegetables and traditional Indian sauces and chutneys, plus freshly ground spices and brewed teas.

Klay Oven Kitchen will be open beginning 7:30 a.m. To 7 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday. The space will have seating for up to 12 guests for dine-in.

Outdoor seating is now open at the Chicago French Market.  Come and enjoy the lovely Chicago spring weather and nibble on delicious menu items from the many vendors at the market!

During the month of April, Lavazza Espressoin will be featuring a new drink and two promotions:

Espresso Melba

Espresso combined with Amaretto chips, decadent Italian drinking chocolate and succulent peaches, crowned with whipped cream.

Tin promotion

Purchase a Kilo of whole bean coffee through April 20, and receive a free limited edition “Falling in Love with Coffee” Tin.

Il Regalo Del Venerdi’ Friday’s Gift

Receive a free espresso beverage with the purchase of a pound of whole beans every Friday in April.

Lastly, due to high demand, the Gene Siskel Center will be bringing back El Bulli: Cooking in Progress for a third and final screening.  Lavazza Espression will be partnering with the Gene Siskel Center to provide samples of Ferran Adrià’s Molecular cuisine at the April 26 screening of the film.  Lavazza will be serving Èspesso™, a past pick among Time Magazine’s Best Inventions (2006).

Chicago French Market introduces Chicago Raw Food’s new Takeaway Program, a weekly menu designed for people on-the-go.
RAW’s fresh and healthy new menu items are designed to be pre-ordered and picked up during your work day, and prepared to last a minimum of 5 days.  Place your orders each week by Monday before 7:30 pm and pick-up the next afternoon, or RAW can deliver to you within a 1.5 mile radius of the Chicago French Market.  The Introductory price of $130 includes a selection of five breakfast and snack items, six entrees, two salads, six savories/spreads and two desserts. 

Featured on its new menu is a variety of items including everything from lasagna to egg salad made from coconut meat, carrot and cranberry muffins and Tiramisu. A detailed list of ingredients is provided on its web site  Also featured is a variety of dehydrated items such as signature granola and beverages like its signature green juice with collard greens, parsley, celery, lemon and ginger. The juices are served in glass bottles, as customers are encouraged to stay 'green'. They can then return the bottle for a discount off their next bottled beverage purchase (signature green Juice or velvety almond milk).

Originating from the vision of a world enjoying better health, RAW strives to deliver only the highest in quality offering fully uncooked, 100% plant-based products; through the fresh daily packaging of the simple raw goodness of nutrient-rich ingredients.  The healing mission of RAW is to raise awareness worldwide by educating patrons and make a change to the way people eat; changing taste buds, bodies and minds.

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