Friday, August 31, 2012

Trademark Tavern Celebrates National Bourbon Heritage Month, this September

Trademark Tavern Bourbon
Photo By: Cindy Kurman
National Bourbon Heritage Month is celebrated the entire month of September, and to help mark the holiday, Trademark Tavern (777 E. Butterfield Rd. Lombard, IL; 630-472-0777) introduces their signature private label, Trademark Bourbon, made especially for them by the fine whiskey maker Evan Williams. The whiskey is aged in oak barrels at the Evan Williams distillery. This remarkable spirit has inspired Trademark to create two specialty cocktails. The Trademarkini ($8) is made with Trademark Bourbon, Chambord, cranberry and a lemon twist. The Don Draper Old Fashioned ($8) harnesses the essence of the iconic Mad Men character and is made with Trademark Bourbon, unrefined sugar, an orange slice, and bitters served classically on the rocks.

For a deeper look into this unique holiday, Trademark Tavern also shares the rich history of the spirit. More than 200 years ago in Kentucky, immigrant farmers planted what turned out to be a highly successful corn crop. Soon after, many corn whiskey distilleries were built in the area. Historians aren’t certain who had the first idea to age whiskey into bourbon. It may have been a gentleman named Elijah Craig in 1789. Or bourbon may have a more organic beginning, by evolving with those who had a hand in making it. Whichever may be true, it is not disputed that the time honored liquor is now referred to as the True American Spirit.

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