Saturday, July 27, 2013

Attending Wicker Park Fest this weekend, visit Ready Coffee and ORNOT Gallery

Artist Kenrick McFarlane show opens at ORNOT 
Gallery Saturday.
Planning to attend Wicker Park Fest this weekend (Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29) on Milwaukee between Paulina and North Ave?  Make sure to stop by just opened Ready Coffee (1562 N. Milwaukee Ave) – the virtual “green room” for the North Stage where you can cool off, refuel and relax before enjoying the live music. READY Coffee has opened with customer buzz about its high quality, locally roasted coffees and unbeatable prices,” says Jacqueline Runice of

Just in time for the Fest, Ready will be opening its ORNOTGallery. Make sure to stop in to meet local Jamaican-American artist Kenrick McFarlane and enjoy some coffee, nibbles and art. The opening begins at 6 p.m. Saturday.

About Wicker Park Fest:
What began as a neighborhood get together has turned into one of Chicago’s best festivals attracting locally celebrated musical acts, restaurants, vendors and artists. Check out the Wicker Park Fest schedule here.

Or, see what’s happening in front of Ready Coffee at the North Stage:

Saturday, July 27th
Walkie Talkies @ 2:20 pm
Pet Lions @ 3:25 pm
Santah @ 4:30 pm
Kid Karate @ 5:20 pm
Delicate Steve @ 6:40pm
Bahamas @ 7:45pm
Man Man @ 9:00pm

Sunday, July 28th
Meat Wave @ 2:20 pm
Secret Colours @ 3:25 pm
Creepy Band @ 4:30 pm
Treasure Fleet @ 5:35 pm
Fly Golden Eagle  @ 6:40 pm
Reigning Sound @ 7:45 pm
Roky Erickson @ 9:00pm

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