Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Da Lobsta Comes to Chicago French Market This September

The Chicago French Market announces its newest vendor, Da Lobsta, opening this September as a quick service lobster roll eatery, joining other Da Lobsta locations in the Gold Coast. Da Lobsta was conceived by restaurateur J. Wolf.

At Da Lobsta, Wolf and his team currently serve authentic New England sandwiches with a twist, taking the East Coast concept of chilled Lobster Claw & Knuckle meat (Blue Crab and Shrimp can also be substituted), strip of mayo and warm garlic butter drizzled on top of a New England Style toasted. Daring to be different, the original can also be changed up with Indian, Asian, Mexican, and Greek varieties.

Think the American Dream on a bun.

Not to be confused with sushi (seriously, there are a few of those!), Da Lobsta brings the standard lobster roll to another level by offering homemade, customizable sandwiches at a reasonable price, without requiring dine-in service. None of the frou-frou, just straight good eats.

Wolf concocted the idea out of his love for visiting Maine when growing up, as well as his interest in the eclecticism of food culture he found when living in Los Angeles. As a child, lobster rolls became one of Wolf’s favorite dishes; seafood always seemed to hit the spot. When he moved to the West Coast later in life, he discovered his beloved sandwich on a food truck cruising around town, and would frequently find himself driving 45 minutes out of the way just to get a bite.

At the same time, Wolf was operating The Glendon Bar & Kitchen in Hollywood, a high end dining spot mixing American and California cuisines. He began to experiment with the idea of creating a restaurant on a smaller scale, offering high quality products with his own unique twist and less of an emphasis on dining.

Suddenly, something clicked with his past and present obsessions.

Wolf eventually moved to Chicago, leaving behind The Glendon to pursue his new idea with his favorite foodie pleasure: the lobster roll. He decided to add ethnic variations to the mix as a way to diversify the standard, and suit the assorted feel of his new home.

While in Maine, a lobster roll is a working man's sandwich sold on the side of the highway or pier. In big cities, they’ve been turned into gourmet items. Many fancier versions pack in dozens of ingredients and cost significantly more, but don’t taste better than the original. Wolf wanted to avoid a similar result and created new renditions of the lobster roll, while tapping into the simplicity and authenticity of the original.

The result was Da Lobsta.

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