Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2014 Food Trend Predictions from Delightful Pastries in Chicago

Move over doughnuts and cupcakes, here comes the Mini (single serve) Pie, according to Chef Dobra Hawryszczuk Bielinski, chef/partner of Chicago-based Delightful Pastries. “Mini Pies have grown in popularity over the years and you’ll be seeing a boom in popularity in 2014. Mini Pies provide guests the opportunity to enjoy their favorite, whether it be a more traditional apple, cherry, peach or pumpkin, or newer versions using a fusion of sweet and even savory flavors.”

Single serving savory pies also will see huge growth in 2014 with homespun versions of the traditional “chicken pot pie” alongside emerging trends like peanut butter, ham & Gruyere, Vegetable, and spinach and lamb.

“Sandwiches also take center plate this coming year,” says Bielinski, whose Delightful Pastries operates three locations, two of which offer a full menu of savory dishes alongside sweets. “Look for fresh ground, locally raised, hormone-free meat selections and homemade breads and buns.” 
The focus will be on creative combo sandwiches using a fusion of European and Asian flavors and melding them together like Delightful Pastries’ Three Piggly Wigglys sandwiches with Polish ham, Polish bacon, pork cutlet and Asian sauce added to it. Forget white bread—Five Grain Sourdough, Farmer Rye, Seeded Sourdough and Pecan Cranberry bread will be popular for bread service as well as for sandwiches. Packaged meats will be replaced with homemade ingredients helping moms to know that the food they are serving is hormone and chemical free.

Value conscious meals will include a leaner ground turkey meat loaf and use of greens such as Swiss chard and kale in various combinations with red onion, heirloom beans and serviced as sides, soups and center of the plate.

The idea of farm to table and gluten-free selections remain strong.

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