Saturday, July 12, 2014

Delightful Pastries is Coming to You at Many of Chicago's Farmers Markets

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Pastry lovers will be right at home visiting Delightful Pastries at the many farmers markets in which theyDelightful Pastries at Market 5 lr 300 participate. Having lived throughout Europe, co-owner and chef Dobra Bielenski is familiar with and inspired by the outdoor market scene. Despite growing success with three Delightful Pastries locations, Bielenski remains loyal to Chicago farmers markets. For 15 years, Delightful Pastries has appeared at countless outdoors markets, bringing the magic of Delightful Pastries to the streets of Chicago.     

Come see for yourself the magic in Delightful Pastries outdoor markets at the Argyle Night Market, Lincoln Square Market, Daley Plaza Market, Division Street Market and Independence Park Market. Delightful Pastries Market Sandwiches lr 300

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