Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer almost at Shochu!

...from Laura Hansen's blog "Best of the Best Dining Chicago" ...

You can barely see Jennifer A., but there is a good shot of Shochu!Why am I posting this? Because you would not beleive how many people in Chicago search on Jennifer (and Vince Vaughn). They also want to know every other single place in Chicago that ”the stars” go to eat. Call it a shameless way to gain visibility (and you would be right!). They would certainly want to know where these celebs dine more that the places I haunt! LH Rocker John Mayer had a concert just outside of Chicago on Friday night at the First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre in Tinley Park, Illinois. Although girlfriend Jennifer Aniston wasn’t spotted at the show, that didn’t mean she wasn’t there!After the show the two lovebirds cooped up in a posh Chicago hotel and weren’t spotted again until Saturday. Trying their best to be elusive, the couple secretly headed to one of Jen’s favorite Windy City restaurants for dinner, Mia Francesca’s in Lincoln Park.The couple dined on a two hour long dinner, that went well past the restaurant’s usual closing time, in a private room upstairs. Check out the picture above that a Boots reader sent us of John and Jen swiftly exiting the restaurant into their chauffeured SUV!“They seemed really happy to be together,” a source told us. “But they weren’t very friendly or receptive to a few fans waiting to say hi!”Mayer and Aniston checked out on Sunday and headed to Colorado where John had a concert that night.Post courtesy of: http://thesebootsaremadeforstalking.com/?p=7848

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