Monday, December 15, 2008

ASLF Online Store Now Open

Just in time for the holidays, A Silver Lining Foundation's new online store is open for business. Holiday shoppers rejoice!

Looking for clothes? ASLF's popular "Save the Girls" t-shirt can now be purchased online. The tee comes in two colors and a variety of sizes.

Need some bling? ASLF has jewelry-lovers covered, with its signature spiral logo featured on two varieties of necklace: there's the sterling silver version, and the timeless diamond version.

And don't forget the holiday tunes. The ASLF store also offers autographed copies of Chicago's own Ron Hawking's holiday CD, "Christmas." Visit Ron Hawking's web site here:

Visit ASLF's online store here: All proceeds from the store support The Buy A Mom A Mammogram program, and other ASLF programs. For more information on ASLF, visit

Photo credit: Image Bank

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