Monday, December 22, 2008

MORE Introduces new Margarita Cupcake on WGN TV

Still trying to figure out what to serve your party guests this holiday season? MORE owner, Patty Rothman, was on WGN TV's "Lunchbreak" today with a special cupcake recipe that's sure to please. Rothman helped WGN reporter Dina Bair prepare MORE's new Margarita Cupcake and gave her tips on perfecting her frosting technique. On hand were several of MORE's other flavors, including their signature "MORE" cupcake, a moist chocolate cake with a housemade marshmallow filling (a guaranteed show-stopper).

Want to steal the show at your next party? Check out MORE's Margarita cupcake recipe here. MORE's cupcakes range from $3.50-$4.25 each, or $39.50-$49.50/dozen. MORE also offers flights of six MOREsels, including the new Cocktail Flight and Sunday Morning Flight, which make perfect hostess gifts. Call MORE at (312) 951-0001 to place your holiday order today!

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