Monday, May 21, 2012

Glazed and Infused: New Artisan Doughnut Shop from Scott Harris opens

Restaurateur Scott Harris will soon make Chicago's doughnut lovers very happy with the launch of his new artisan doughnut shop, Glazed and Infused. It will be an amazing ride: locations will offer handcrafted doughnuts in 12 flavors plus a weekly feature and many more rotating flavors.

Glazed_final logo 400 pixels for ETOpenings will be handled in stages, with the first Glazed and Infused opening on Monday, May 21 inside Francesca's Forno at 1553 North Damen Ave., Chicago 773-770-0184. The entrance to this Glazed and Infused, a walkup window, is on North Damen, steps from the Wicker Park Damen Blue Line stop. Planned hours are: 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Monday through Friday; 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

The second Glazed and Infused also will open Monday, May 21 at 813 W. Fulton Market in the heart of the Fulton River District just step off he Morgan Green Line stop, 312-226-5556. Planned hours are: 6:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. This location offers 36 seats inside and 8-10 seats outside.

The third location, in the Lincoln Park/DePaul area, is planned for July at 929 West Armitage St. in a historic building within steps of the Armitage Brown Line stop.

ChocolateRaised 300 pixels for ET captionHarris has assembled a heavy‐hitter team that promises to make Glazed and Infused a major league doughnut contender from the very first pitch. Leading the charge are two highly respected pastry chefs, Christine McCabe and Tom Culleeney. Christine McCabe, Executive Pastry Chef, was named "Pastry Chef of the Year" by Bon Appetit in 2005. 

Tom Culleeney, Executive Chef, has spent the past ten years as Corporate Chef, Research and Development, for Lettuce Entertain You and then as head of operations and new product development for Lettuce's major Krispy Kreme doughnut franchise on the West Coast.

 "This is the first time a doughnut shop has been launched with not one, but two, top‐tier pastry chefs who are amazingly committed to creating the best products possible," said Harris. "That should tell Chicagoans how serious we are about making Glazed and Infused the best artisan doughnut shop in Chicago-perhaps in the country." The two chefs have been immersed in recipe development for many months; every doughnut flavor to be offered is the result of many rounds of testing and perfecting.

All Glazed and Infused doughnuts will be made the old‐fashioned way: hand‐crafted, made fresh each hour from whole and natural locally grown ingredients. They will be infused with natural and seasonal flavors and every doughnut will be made using trans‐fat free shortening, making them the healthiest doughnuts in the city and among the healthiest in the nation. The menu will consist of both cake and yeast doughnuts, some with traditional flavors and some with unique artisan flavors. Glazed and Infused also will serve a special coffee blend created by Intelligentsia.

CinnamonCrumb 300 pixels for ET captionHarris has tapped Megan Brown, a high‐energy, experienced business growth strategist, to lead the business and build the brand. "We all felt it was time to bring back this iconic specialty with an artisan twist," said Brown, "focusing on quality, great flavors and a healthier approach. Each doughnut is handmade, not processed, and each doughnut has a unique twist. For example, the Vanilla Bean Glazed uses all natural real vanilla beans and the chocolate is shipped directly from South American farmers. In addition, each week Glazed and Infused will have a weekly special that is planned weeks in advance, utilizing a special or seasonal ingredient. This means there will be 52 new doughnuts each year, providing a new experience each week."

Glazed and Infused's wide variety of flavors is designed to please a wide range of doughnut lovers, and the tag team of McCabe and Culleeney can cover these bases easily. "For doughnut purists, those who desire the best ever renditions of traditional flavors, we will offer amazing versions," said Culleeney. These flavors have withstood the test of time and are always in demand. "Secondly, we will seduce food enthusiasts who want to experience creative, culinary influenced doughnuts," said McCabe, who has designed a palette of freshly made artisan fillings that will be surprisingly delicious and unlike anything people have had in a doughnut before.
CremeBrulee 300 pixels for ETcaptionTwo distinct doughnut batters will provide the basis for Glazed and Infused's creations. Light and fluffy yeast doughnuts will come in flavors including vanilla bean glazed, a raised ring with Madagascar vanilla bean glaze; maple bacon long john, a bar of golden goodness layered with real maple glaze and maple bacon; PB&J, a homemade raspberry jam filled bismarck with crunch pb glaze; crème brûlée, a vanilla crème brûlée filled Bismarck with brûléed sugar crust, and apple fritter, crispy nuggets of yeast dough laced with cinnamon and fresh apple, blanketed with vanilla bean glaze.

Glazed and Infused's cake doughnuts will initially come in five varieties:  cake chocolate frosted, vanilla cake with cacao berry ganache and dark chocolate vermicelli (sprinkles); red velvet, cocoa buttermilk cake with cream cheese frosting; bacon "sticky bun" cruller, a cake bar topped with bacon brown sugar caramel and pecans; luscious lemon, lemon cake filled with yuzo curd topped with lemon glaze and candied zest, and old fashioned, the classic spiced buttermilk cake with vanilla bean glaze filled crevasses.

As inspiration for the décor, Glazed and Infused has gone retro‐Americana. "We're harking back to the days when doughnuts were clearly the all‐American treat," said Brown. "We're going to evoke the era of World War II and post‐war America. Back then, all doughnuts were fresh and handcrafted. We were an optimistic, community‐ spirited country and we couldn't wait to go to the local doughnut shop to smell the aroma, chat with our neighbors, and savor amazing doughnuts with a great cup of coffee."

MapleBacon 300 pixels for ET captionThe shops are designed to offer a fun, personalized customer experience. The décor of Glazed and Infused is 1940's industrial Americana inspired where reclaimed barn wood and vintage chairs meets industrial lighting, chem metal, counters with marble top and specialty stained concrete floors.  The artwork is a nod to the posters of the era, with our own unique twist, mirroring the overall concept. The space is a celebration of an American icon, the doughnut.

"We are looking to build a loyal and personal following of our clients," Brown emphasizes. "We are not interested in long lines. For commuters on the go, we want to provide a convenient, quick experience. We want to get to know their likes and dislikes, be ready for their pickup and get them in and out quickly so they can have a productive and positive day. For doughnut lovers who have the time to stick around and savor the doughnuts in the shop, we want them to have a relaxed, friendly and surprisingly delicious experience. Our curb service, delivery service and special event services will cater to our corporate, weddings and party clients," she said. "Glazed and Infused doughnuts are infused with goodness. We want to pass that goodness on to our customers, positioning them to have a good, no, a great day!"

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