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City Fresh Market - Better Choice for Hyper-Local Food Shopping in Chicago's West Loop - safer-healthier-organic

Do you know the condition of the products you are buying at the supermarket? From whence they came? Are they fresh?

 “You should be asking or at least thinking about these issues,” says Danny Kovacevic, co-owner of City Fresh Market.

According to Dr. Oz’s website, improper practices that lead to food contamination, such as failing health inspections and storing or packaging food indecently are on the rise. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate 1 out of 6 Americans, approximately 48 million people, get sick every year, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases. Although you feel safe at your Goliath supermarket, they may have behind-the-scene secrets. Problems with freshness and contamination at large supermarket chains give good cause for returning to shopping hyper-local.

Together, brothers Danny and Ray Kovacevic opened their second City Fresh Market, a European-styled grocery destination in the Chicago French Market, to offer west-loop commuters and shoppers healthy, quality grocery items within steps of their homes. The original City Fresh Market, opened in 2004, is located on Chicago's northside.

The days of knowing and trusting the neighborhood butcher may be long gone but not forgotten. Stores like City Fresh Market are popping up in cities across the country, developing special customer-store relationships.

Did you know that meat may have been sitting on supermarket shelves for longer than you realize? According to Dr. Oz’s website, it doesn’t appear that way because some supermarkets pump carbon monoxide into packaging, giving meat a fresh appearance.

City Fresh Market wants their customers to be healthy, taking necessary measures to provide fresh, healthy and quality products.

“We take all customer requests seriously,” says Danny. “We keep our products fresh by purchasing what we need on a daily basis; we never use carbon monoxide.”

City Fresh Market believes in doing things the all-natural way, offering products that do not contain steroids, antibiotics or hormones such as Tallgrass Beef by Bill Kurtis. Tallgrass Beef cattle are one hundred percent grass-fed for their entire lives. The result is healthier cattle and safer beef, assuring City Fresh Market customers that their well-being has been accounted for.

According to Bill Kurtis, grass is the natural diet of cattle—rather than grain. Cattle raised on grain must often be given antibiotics in order to digest their feed. Cattle kept in small pens or feedlots on corn diet have created an increase in the instance of E. coli contaminated beef. Cattle are meant to graze the prairie in collective groups, as they naturally do.

With fresh, ripe produce delivered daily and unique packaged goods imported from all over the world, City Fresh Market’s array of quality products meet all specialty-item shopping needs. Local Chicagoans who have discovered City Fresh Market have become regulars, considering it the west-loop’s best kept secret.

City Fresh Market’s expanded product assortment provides all the essentials for home-cooking in a unique environment.

“Customers often comment how pleased they are with our pricing; we are actually quite reasonable compared to the quality and selection of what we offer,” says Danny.

Stop into City Fresh Market and discover what others are considering to be ‘the definitive west-loop neighborhood market’. Expanded product offerings— homemade prepared foods, a variety of meats, fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat pies, fresh-squeezed orange juice, olive oil, vinegar and salad dressings.

In need of a grab-and-go lunch or dinner? Pick up a pre-made, never frozen, and easy to pop in the oven meal; or fresh salad, offered daily along with a distinct array of dressings and oils.

It’s not unusual for customers to say, “How come I didn’t know about you?”; “I’d much rather shop here.”; “Great fish, beef and produce!” or “I can’t believe how reasonable you are.”

For more information about City Fresh Market, visit or, call City Fresh Market at (312) 575-0230 or Kurman Communications at (312) 651-9000, or e-mail

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