Friday, February 18, 2011

Terry Walters' new book "Clean Start" is a Mitzvah

I think my life is about to change. At least, I hope so.

My husband Lee and I have been talking about changing our diet for years. My chance meeting with Clean Start author Terry Walters today at the Chicago French Market may just been the ticket we needed to start anew.

For those of you who don't know Terry, she authored the highly regarded Clean Food book last year and is currently on a book tour espousing the virtues of  "eating clean and living well."

I was struck by how simple the "clean" book recipes are. I can't wait to start cooking.

The preface of the book really struck home.

"Clean Start is about enjoying healthy, delicious, clean food everyday. It's about having a relationship with food that's not based on living up to somebody else's ideal, or following a strict regime. It's simply about making healthy choices, one at a time, and doing the best that you can do, empowered with knowledge and motivated by intention. It's about maximizing nutritional value and taste, and minimizing waste and imbalance. It's about true nourishment. The kind that makes you feel good about yourself.  The kind that you want to share with others."

The Clean Start book is as much a guide as it is a cookbook. Whether you're starting again or starting anew, eating clean is about being nourished by your food and by your journey," she says.

If you missed the book signing. Terry's enthusiasm and commitment is contagious.

"START HERE. It doesn't matter where you are starting. Eating clean is about what we can do now to make healthy choices."

I love her advice from the get go:

Eat the colors of the rainbow.
Eat dark leafy greens every day.
Eat all five tastes.
Eat foods that are grown, not manufactured.
Skip the package.
Buy clean food and leave the rest behind.
Buy and try one new clean food each time you shop.
Know the source of your food.
Buy local and organic when you can.
Be nourished by your food and make peace with your choices.

The book is packed with information and 100 tasty, healthy recipes. I am so happy that I went to the book signing today. If you missed it, don't miss out on buying Terry's book Clean Start. I believe that it will be, perhaps, the most used book in your collection. It will certainly be the best $25 investment I've made this year.

To learn more about Terry, visit her website, follow her on Twitter @TerryWalters and subscribe to her blog.

Thanks Terry. What a mitzvah!

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