Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11 is World Egg Day. Enjoy Egg Sandwiches, Quiche and Fritatta at Delightful Pastries

Did you know that eggs contain the highest quality protein you can buy? Or that Egg yolks are one of the few foods that are a naturally good source of Vitamin D? There's a good reason why the world celebrates World Egg Day on the second Friday of October every year.
Eggs have a vital role to play in feeding people around the world, in both developed and developing countries. They are an excellent, affordable source of high quality protein, with the potential to feed the world. World Egg Day has been celebrated the world over from Vietnam to Mozambique, from Switzerland to Argentina, and throughout the U.S.
Delightful Pastries incorporates eggs into many of its dishes. Their quiches are worth dreaming about. The menu features three selections, all made with eggs:Ham & GLamb Pie etruyere Quiche with Polish ham and gruyere cheese $5.50/slice; Vegetable Quiche with spinach, leek, mushroom and Swiss cheese $5.50/slice andSpinach Lamb Pie with spinach, minced local lamb, B├ęchamel sauce and Swiss cheese, served with homemade Tzatziki sauce, $7/slice. The light and fluffy Frittata with zucchini, red pepper, onion, potato and eggs is gluten free and a delicious egg option.  Whole Quiche is available at all three Delightful Pastries for $40, each serving 8-10 people.
Delightful Pastries takes the concept of the Breakfast Sandwich to a new level. The B.E.L.T. Sandwich ($8.50) uses peppered bacon, egg salad, baby lettuces, tomato, made-from-scratch butter croissant, while the Lightest Touch Breakfast Sandwich ($8.55), is made from two eggs cooked to order, with tomato, cucumber, spinach, and Swiss cheese on homemade sourdough bread. Both are available at the Wells St. and the Chicago French Market locations.

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