Monday, October 21, 2013

Prairie Grass Cafe’s “Craft Beer Tuesdays” October 22 Menu - Artisan Beer Rules

Prairie Grass Cafe, located at 601 Skokie Boulevard in Northbrook, Ill. (telephone 847-205-4433), continues its special celebration for beer lovers Craft Beers Tuesdays, tomorrow, October 22, featuring Lakefront Brew. Founded in 1987 by brothers Russ and Jim Klisch, grandsons of a former Schlitz brewery truck driver, their little operation has grown into one of the mainstays of Midwest Brewing.

Beginning at 5 p.m., Prairie Grass Cafe guests aged 21 and over will be offered complimentary 2-oz. tastings of three featured craft beers ($10 minimum food order is required). The three Lakefront beers being featured are: Fixed Gear, Pumpkin Lager and 25th Anniversary Imperial Stout.

Fixed Gear is a big, bold American red ale. A brilliant floral-citrus aroma, thanks to an aggressive dry hopping, caramel flavors balance the citrus bite that comes from Chinook and Cascade hops.
Pumpkin Lager - using real pumpkin and a proprietary blend of spices made here in Milwaukee for us by the acclaimed Spice House, our brewers lager this beer for 4 full weeks. This extra time gives the Lakefront Pumpkin Lager a deep, smooth richness that no ale can match.
25th Anniversary Imperial Stout - a rich imperial stout with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and cherry purée. A strong chocolate aroma arises, followed by sweet malt and mild tart cherry. The full, dense mouthfeel yields a malty sweetness followed by chocolate, cherry, and vanilla flavors, then finishes with a slight alcohol warmth, leaving roasted malt and chocolate notes until the next sip.

Brewers change every Tuesday throughout October, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy tasting fifteen different artisan beers throughout the month, which has five Tuesdays in 2013.

“We know that many of our guests have gotten the craft beer bug, and so we thought October would be a good time to educate people about some of these amazing local brews,” said Chef Sarah Stegner who, along with Chef George Bumbaris, is the restaurant’s co-owner. “We often take for granted that wine is the beverage to pair with food, but we also think that artisan beer, when correctly chosen, also enhances the dining experience. With Craft Beer Tuesdays and our 3-beer sampling, we will give our guests a head start in finding one they really enjoy. Beer lovers should come in and give them a try!”

Prairie Grass Café will add a tasty element to Craft Beer Tuesdays with some special appetizers, especially chosen to accompany the craft beers. Enjoy the Local Heirloom Luxury Pie Pumpkin Fritters with cinnamon pumpkin butter ($7.50) or the Crispy Brussels Sprouts with basil remoulade, parmesan and local bacon (photo left; $8.50). Both appetizers are perfect for sharing.

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