Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Maxwell’s Featuring Tapas, Spanish Wine Specials at Dinner through May 31

Maxwell’s at the Club, located in the East Bank Club at 500 N. Kingsbury St. (telephone: 312-527-5800, ext. 301), is hosting “Taste Around Town,” dinner special featuring wines from the Rías Baixas region of Spain and a variety of special tapas now through May 31. Rías Baixas is renowned for its white wine, made from the Albariño grape variety. “Let Maxwell’s take you on an adventure to Spain, all without leaving Chicago. The tapas menu is designed to complement the selected wines,” said Mike Romano, Food and Beverage Director for the East Bank Club. To make reservations, please call (312) 527-5800, extension 301, or schedule your table online at maxwellsattheclub.com 

Taste Around Town
Through May 31


 Pazo de Señorans, Albariño, $11 / $30
  RÍas Baixas, Spain, 2013

Bodegas Castro Martin, A20, Albariño, $12 / $32
 RÍas Baixas, Spain, 2013

Martín Códax, Albariño, $9 / $24
 RÍas Baixas, Spain, 2013

 Wine flight of all three, $11

Tapas Menu

Purple Asparagus Salad, $5
 Jerez sherry vinaigrette, breakfast radishes, Manchego cheese
 Mick Klug Farms, Green Acre Farms

Patatas Bravas, $5

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Medallion, $8
 Oyster mushrooms

Roasted Saffron Cauliflower, $5

Manila Clams, $7
 Spanish chorizo, peppers, toasted bread crumbs

Hazard Free Farm Blood Butcher Polenta, $8
 Pan-roasted prawn with shrimp butter
Menu subject to change

Purple Asparagus Salad 5 300
Purple Asparagus Salad $5 

Manila Clams 7 300
Manila Clams $7
Grilled Beef Tenderloin Medallion 300
Grilled Beef Tenderloin Medallion $8
photos by Cindy Kurman, Kurman Communications, Inc.

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