Friday, January 13, 2012

WGN - Get With It, John Williams deserves a marketing budget

How many of you listen to the radio during lunch? If you’ve been following the banter on WGN radio, you know that John Williams is being treated as a second class radio personality to the big buck Garry Meier and Jonathan Brandmeier. We love both of them, but really guys, John Williams deserves a break. No marketing budget for John Williams billboards – resort to PR. Our clients at Francesca’s Bellezza in LaGrange LOVE you and John, they’re in your backyard (at home--you do live in LaGrange, right?). They’ve enlisted us (Kurman Communications), their pr team, to get on the bandwagon. So here’s to you John. Everyone, email your “Sign of Faith – I Listen to John Williams Weekdays 12-3 pm WGN Radio” and show WGN and John your love.

And John, call your #1 fan, Francesca Bellezza manager Michael Bassarab and he'll kick in a dinner for four to the lucky "best sign" winner. Francesca's telephone is (708) 579-3500.

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Cy said...

La Grange Park. But close enough. John gets a raw deal all the time. Great guy.